Join The Team!


Basic Info

If you’re looking for an opportunity to join our team as a writer, send us an email to In the subject line include which sport you’d like to talk about and a sample of your work.

Is it Paid?

Payment is based on performance, and revenue generated for the website.

Content Production

We ask that you produce at least one piece of content each week during the season of your selected sport and one piece every other week during the offseason. We also ask that you constantly promote your content on your personal Twitter account and relevant Facebook groups, as well as other social media platforms.

You also must have prior knowledge of SEO or be willing to learn and do research on it.

Which Sports Can I Write About?

At the moment we cover most professional sports and college football and basketball.

Why Join?

Joining our team will give you the platform to express your opinions on the latest news in sports and to grow along with our growing sports news outlet. There is also the chance for an increased role within the team.