Jamal Adams has wanted a trade out of New York, and he’s finally getting his wish. This deal comes shortly after the safety said head coach Adam Gase was not the right leader for the Jets.

According to the Adam Schefter of ESPN, the terms of the deal are as follows: The Seahawks are getting Adams and a 2022 fourth-round pick. The Jets are receiving safety Bradley McDougald, first-round picks in 2021, and 2022, along with a third-round pick in 2021.

Seahawks Trade for Jamal Adams

This is huge for Seattle. Of course, they will have to figure out a new contract with him to make this worth it. However, they are getting one of the top safeties in football. Some would argue that he is the best.

That’s especially important because the secondary was a weak spot for Seattle last season. Safety was also a weak spot. Quandre Diggs and Marquise Blair did give them some good play, but they also spent a good amount of time not on the field.

In Adams, they are getting a safety who is perfectly well-rounded. He can cover and defend the run, and he is also a superior tackler. All of those abilities will allow Seattle to use him in many different ways in their defense. Being able to use his versatility will also play a huge role in making the job for everyone easier in the defense.

As far as a potential contract extension goes, expect Seattle to lock him up. They’re not going to be giving up two first-round picks if they don’t plan on doing that.

Of course, analyzing that contract and how he fits into the financial future in Seattle is critical but is a bridge that will have to be crossed once it comes. Seattle only really has Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner locked up on long deals though, so they should be able to give him the money he wants.

And as far as giving up two first-round picks in concerned, it’s a lot to give up. However, they are getting one of, if not the best player at his position in the NFL. Relying on drafting that is a tough ask. Seattle knows what they’re getting here, which makes the trade more than worth it.

What the Jets are Getting

The team was almost forced to trade Jamal Adams. It’s clearly a less than ideal situation. However, he was so unhappy in New York and it appeared he would do anything it took to get out. Him coming out and saying what he said about Gase was unique. Players usually aren’t that open about criticizing a coach. That made it clear he was willing to do anything to get out.

Getting two first-round picks is clearly the key part of this deal. Seattle is generally a contender, and barring a lot of injuries or a complete collapse, they should be again over the next two drafts. So those picks shouldn’t be high first-round picks. However, they are first-round picks nonetheless.

While getting first-round picks is huge and something teams usually strive for, attempting to get a player the caliber of Adams is a tall order. And frankly, it’s pretty unlikely. Having two of them is nice though and will give them a chance to draft some starters and for their sake hopefully Pro Bowlers.

When it comes to getting McDougald from this trade, it’s a nice replacement for Adams if you’re going to attempt to get his replacement. Nobody was on the market nearly as good as Adams, so completely replacing him was an impossible task.

New York was just in a tough spot because of the trade demands of Adams. And the longer they didn’t trade him and the more vocal he became about his wanting out, the lower his price tag fell. That’s not to say the Jets didn’t get a decent haul for him.

However, this is overall not a good deal for the Jets at the moment, but that of course has a chance to change as far as the perspective of this trade goes depending on what they do with those first-round picks.

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By Jared Woodcock

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