Justise Winslow has had an injury riddled season and now he has suffered a hip injury that will keep him out of the leagues restart. While the Memphis Grizzlies do hold the eight seed going into the restart, Winslow was poised to play a critical role in the team trying to lock down the eight seed. Now, his team debut will have to wait.

Justise Winslow Out With a Hip Injury

According to the team, the injury came after Winslow fell on a play where he absorbed contact. The injury came during a team scrimmage.

It’s hard to know how much this injury will really impact the team. Winslow had his best season in the 2018-19 season, which was his fourth season in the league. He has put up fairly similar numbers in the games he’s played this season. However, he has only been able to play in 11 games this season.

When the team acquired Winslow when they traded Andre Iguodala to the Heat, it was viewed as a move that could really pay off. Iguodala is near the end of his career and wasn’t going to help the Grizzlies win a title and he frankly didn’t want to be there. However, with him yet to play a game, it’t unknown how he will fit in with the roster.

As far as getting the eight seed, the team can definitely still do that. When the league originally shut down, Ja Morant and Dillon Brooks were playing at very high levels, and the team was clicking and playing its best basketball of the season. How that will carry over after a four-month layoff? Who really knows. Regardless, the team had to be excited to see how Winslow would fit in, and now they have to wait.

Top Photo: Anatoliy Cherkasov/NurPhoto via Getty Images

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