In a trade, just a week before the season starts, the Kansas City Royals have acquired outfielder Franchy Cordero from the San Diego Padres in exchange for Tim Hill and Ronald Bolanos. The deal was first reported by Jeff Passan of ESPN.

What the Royals are Getting in Franchy Cordero

The Royals are getting an exciting young outfielder that has the potential to hit a lot of home runs. And frankly, that’s something they need. Kansas City is in a clear rebuild and getting a talented young outfielder like this is big, even if this isn’t going to be a headline-grabbing move.

So far Cordero hasn’t had a chance to show what he is capable of because he’s only played 79 games over three seasons in San Diego. Over that time he hit .240 with 10 home runs and 29 RBI. He also showed he’s capable of stealing bases. However, there have been flaws in his game while playing at the major league level. For starters, he has struck out a ton. That’s not something that’s as frowned upon in today’s game as it used to be, but it shouldn’t be accepted at the rate he’s doing it.

Also, he hasn’t been good defensively, and that’s probably what’s kept him from being a full-time player. While that’s something that can be worked on and improved, just like strikeouts, he better get on it quickly. Because while he’s leaving one spacious outfield, he’s going to another.

The great the for Kansas City though, is that this is a low-risk move, with potentially high rewards. And frankly, with the current state of the franchise, they have nothing to lose when getting a guy with the level of talent Cordero possesses.

What San Diego is Getting

The Padres are going into this season with some actual hype. Excitement has grown around some of the young talent on San Diego’s roster, and in this move, they are getting a quality lefty in Tim Hill. Is Hill the most dominant left-handed reliever in baseball? Not even close. However, he has shown over the past two seasons that he can get people out, with an ERA of 4.11 over his two seasons. On top of that, left-handed batters are only hitting .211 against him, so he clearly has a role at the major league level.

Bolanos is a young pitcher who only has three major league starts under his belt. It’s not even clear at this point whether he will be a starter or a reliever if he settles into a full-time role. However, what is clear is that he can throw with velocity. He certainly needs to learn how to reel it in as he walked 12 batters in only 19.2 innings last season. But if he can do that, and develop a solid off-speed pitch, he should have some sort of a role at the major league level.

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