In unsurprising news the Pac-12 fall sports schedule will be confernce-only, the conference has announced. This comes on the heels of a same announcement from the Big Ten yesterday.

This news should come as a surprise to nobody. With the current global pandemic leading to a lot of uncertainty surrounding college sports at all this upcoming school year, and the same announcement from the Big Ten, it was only a matter of time until another conference followed suit. This will also likely lead to more conferences following.

Pac-12 Fall Sports Schedule is Conference-Only

Much like the Big Ten, there’s not a lot of details besides the fact that the Pac-12 fall sports calendar will be conference-only.

The conference has stated that they still hope to play football in the fall. However, that leads to a number of other questions. How many games? Will it be delayed? What happens if not all schools are allowed to play based on local health guidelines?

The conference will likely put in their own set of guidelines for each member of the conference so they are at least under the same umbrella.

It’s also important to note that any athlete, including fall sports outside of football, will have their scholarship honored for the school year should they decide to not play. This brings up the question of how many players could decide not to play.

The timing of the season will be critical in that last question. Should the season happen in the fall, most players who have a near NFL future will probably play. Of course there could be an outlier, but it’s hard to see too many,

Should the season be pushed back to the spring, that complicates things. For guys with a certain NFL future like Oregon offensive lineman Penei Sewell, there’d be no reason to play.

The full logistics of this situation won’t be known for a while, but things could be thrown off in a big way where it takes years to correct itself, or it really couldn’t be thrown off too much.

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By Jared Woodcock

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