The Washington Capitals have boosted their team by making a trade for veteran left-wing Ilya Kovalchuk. In the deal, the Capitals will be sending a third-round pick back to the Montreal Canadiens.

At 36-years old, Kovalchuk isn’t close to the player he used to be, however, with his time in Montreal after playing briefly with the Kings earlier this season, he has been a little bit better.

He has also been better on the defense this season than he was last season, which will help out a team that’s been near the middle of the league in goals allowed. Washington has also been right in the middle of the pack in power-play conversion percentage, so Kovalchuk with his veteran goal-scoring presence can be a help in that aspect.

What makes this deal worth it for Washington is that Kovalchuk has an expiring contract, and they are only giving up a third-round pick for him.

For Montreal, they are a team that’s beginning to trend towards the older side of things, so being able to acquire as many draft picks as possible is valuable, even if it is just a mid-round pick.

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Top Photo: Francois Lacasse/NHLI via Getty Images

By Jared Woodcock

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