The Timberwolves Get D’Angelo Russell to Pair With Karl-Anthony Towns

When the Golden State Warriors acquired D’Angelo Russell in the offseason a large thought was that he would be traded before having a long career in the Bay Area, and now that has been the case. Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN has reported that the team is trading the guard to the Minnesota Timberwolves along with Jacob Evans, and Omari Spellman for Andrew Wiggins and draft picks.

The draft picks, according to Wojnarowski, is top-three protected in 2021 but becomes unprotected in 2022.

This Deal For Minnesota

Getting rid of Wiggins is going to be beneficial for Minnesota. He hasn’t lived up to his potential and has continuously shown that he has no desire to truly lead a team despite making the salary that the face of a franchise makes.

Now Russell also has holes in his game as well. He puts up good numbers, but truly his offensive rating has never been that good and his defensive ratings have been bad throughout his career.

However, the Minnesota front office has reportedly wanted to pair Russell with Karl-Anthony Towns for some time now so they will finally get that wish, and Russell is locked up long-term so they don’t need to worry about re-signing him.

Evans is pretty much just a throw-in, but Spellman actually has a chance to be a nice under-the-radar pickup. He isn’t going to shoot this team up the standings, but he is a young player who has shown improvement in his two NBA seasons so far.

Frankly, getting rid of a top draft pick like the Timberwolves did though could prove to be problematic. Getting rid of Wiggins’ contract is good, but Russell is more than likely not going to make them a contender, so they could still be missing the playoffs going forward but have to give their pick to Golden State.

This Deal For the Warriors

Frankly, the possibility of having another high draft pick was the best thing Golden State got in this deal. The Warriors are expected to have a bounce-back season next season but that would be due to them getting healthy and getting a top draft pick this season.

It’s possible that Wiggins begins to live up to his potential playing in a better culture and playing on what should be a better team than he’s used to starting next season, but he is set to make an astronomical amount of money each of the next three seasons following this one.

He has mostly been a lazy player who hasn’t been a good defender and puts up empty numbers.

Again, that could change, but he’s six seasons into his career, so don’t count on that.

Ultimately, this is a trade of players who are big names but for the most part, put up empty numbers. Golden State potentially getting a high draft pick is very useful though.

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