The Clippers Acquire Marcus Morris in a Three-Team Trade

The Los Angeles Clippers were able to get one of the best players in the trade market right before the deadline, pulling off a trade for New York Knicks forward Marcus Morris as part of a three-team trade that also involved the Washington Wizards.

What each team acquired:

What This Deal is For Los Angeles

This is a massive deal for the Clippers. Getting rid of Harkless probably wasn’t preferred just because he has a ton of defensive versatility, but this is a team who can afford to sacrifice some defense when they are getting a player who is averaging 19.6 points per game this season, but more importantly, is shooting 43.9 percent from three.

If he is going to bring that kind of three-point shooting to Los Angeles, the Clippers just became a much better team and they were the team that probably did the most in the Western Conference to improve at this deadline, which will show come playoff time.

Also, giving up a first-round pick for the Clippers is not a big deal because that is going to be a pick towards the end of the first round.

What This Deal is For New York

This was mostly about getting the draft capital for the Knicks. They clearly aren’t winning anything this season and they likely won’t be winning anything next season or even the season after. But for a rebuilding team, getting as many draft picks as possible, even if they will be at the end of the first round, is a good thing.

Also, Harkless is in the final year of his contract, so they aren’t making any long-term commitment to him.

What This Deal is For Washington

Jerome Robinson has shown occasional flashes of being a threat on both ends of the floor, however, he was just playing on a loaded Clippers team so it was tough for him to find consistent playing time.

By him going to Washington, he should see more playing time and Washington is able to take a flier on a young player without having to give up much value and Robinson doesn’t come with much of a cap hit at all.

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