Portland Trades Skal Labissiere to Atlanta

In a move to save cash, the Portland Trail Blazers have traded Skal Labissiere to the Atlanta Hawks. In this move, Portland is also getting cash from the Hawks.

Labissiere has been on the mend for over a month now, but when he was healthy he was starting to show some signs of development. However, that development wasn’t enough for Neil Olshey and the Portland front office to value keeping him as opposed to trying to shed salary in a season that has gone far from the way it was planned in Portland.

This doesn’t quite put Portland under the luxury tax threshold, but it does get them closer to that line, and the cash they are receiving from Atlanta will help with paying any tax penalties.

Don’t be surprised if Portland unloads another smaller contract in an attempt to get under the threshold, and if they don’t, getting under that threshold is something they will likely attempt to do this offseason.

Portland was already thin on the front line with all of the injuries they have suffered, so, for now, they will continue to be thin on the front line until they start to get some players back, but none of those players will be Labissiere.

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Top Photo: Abbie Parr/Getty Images


Author: Jared Woodcock

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