Andre Iguodala Finally Gets His Wish

Former Warriors forward Andre Iguodala was traded to the Memphis Grizzlies this past offseason, however, he had yet to play a game for the team. In fact, he refused to play for them, wanting to play for a contender. This even led to some of the younger Grizzlies players calling him out as they are a surprising team this season that is sitting at the eighth seed in the Western Conference right now.

There were questions of if he would even be traded. He was in the final year of his deal, so the Grizzlies really didn’t have to trade him if they didn’t like what other teams offered. Finally, a resolution was reached, however, and Iguodala will be playing for the Miami Heat after a three-team deal that also included the Minnesota Timberwolves.

What each team received:

The Miami Perspective

This is a quality deal for the Heat. On top of getting Iguodala, they were able to sign him to a two-year, $30 million extension, with that second season being a team option. So they will have him for this season and next season for sure before getting to decide if they want to keep him.

Now, what will they get from Iguodala? That’s the most important question here because Iguodala has been a great player during his career, but his level of play fell off last season and over the past couple of years he has dealt with some injuries.

If he can stay healthy and play anything like he’s capable, he will be a great addition to a good Heat team. His style of play also fits really well with the way the Heat play.

Getting Crowder and Hill also have the potential to be nice pieces, however, both of those players’ careers have seen better days. The good thing is Miami is a deep team so if Crowder and/or Hill aren’t going to play well, Miami doesn’t have to play them.

Ultimately, they were able to get this deal done without giving up much, which makes it a low risk/high reward move.

The Memphis Perspective

Memphis did a good job waiting it out with Iguodala and not just trading him right when it was clear he didn’t want to play for them.

However, I don’t love the return they got here. Winslow hasn’t lived up to where he was drafted. He doesn’t play good defense and he doesn’t shoot the ball well. Those are problems for someone playing on the wing in today’s NBA.

Dion Waiters has been a headache this season for the Heat, so don’t expect him to come in and be a big piece long-term for what Memphis is trying to do. Although, he can fill up the scoring column when he’s playing in the right state of mind.

Acquiring Gorgui Dieng is interesting because he is a big that is shooting 38.3 percent from three this season. With that said, that is by far the best percentage of his career, so is it sustainable? Also, Dieng makes a lot of money, but he only has one year left on his deal after this season, and with Memphis mostly being a young team, they can afford to take his contract on in the short-term.

The Minnesota Perspective

The Timberwolves did great in this deal. With the Russell trade, they needed to clear some cap space, and while Johnson makes a similar amount of money as Dieng, he can bring toughness to a young roster that needs it and he does so without sacrificing three-point shooting.

The Timberwolves will also have the expiring deals of Evan Turner and Allen Crabbe coming off of their books at the end of the season.

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Top Photo: Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images


Author: Jared Woodcock

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