Andre Drummond Traded to Cleveland

Star center Andre Drummond has been traded from the Pistons to the Cavaliers, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN. The return going to Detroit is unknown at this point.

This is a blockbuster trade because Drummond has been one of the better centers in the league and the best rebounder in the league for some time now, and by the Pistons getting rid of him they are signaling a full rebuild.

The face of the Cavaliers deciding to acquire Drummond is curious.

Cleveland is squarely in a rebuild and they are showing no sign of getting out of it anytime soon. While this deal did make them a better team, it’s not like they are close to being a contender.

One rationale for Cleveland making this move is that Drummond has a player option for next season, and Cleveland could be guessing that he will turn that down and decide to become a free agent. If he did that, this would just be acquiring an expiring contract.

However, if they decide to try and extend him long-term, it could show how much confidence Cleveland has in their young backcourt.

In the return, Cleveland will be sending Brandon Knight and John Henson to Detroit, along with the lesser of Golden State or Cleveland’s 2023 pick.

Both Knight and Henson are expiring contracts, which fits right in with the Pistons signifying the start of a full rebuild. Also, getting more draft capital is never a bad thing.

Overall this is a good deal for both sides. Detroit gets to clear a lot of cap space at the end of this season, Cleveland has traded two players that it makes sense to move on from and if they really want to try and convince Drummond to stay and can do it they will have one of the better centers in basketball.


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Top Photo: Carlos Osorio/Associated Press


Author: Jared Woodcock

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