Packers Late Comeback Withers as 49ers Dominate the Packers.

The Green Bay Packers fall 37-20 in the NFC Championship to the San Francisco 49ers. To say the 49ers dominated the Packers would be an understatement. The Packers could not stop the 49ers running game as Jimmy Garoppolo only threw the ball eight times. The 49ers handed the ball off 42 times, to a total of 285 yards. The complete inability for the Packers to not stop the running game is not only embarrassing but a scary thing to look for in the 2020 season.

Packers Offense in the 1st and 2nd Halves.

The Packers offense in the first half was terrible. The offense would stick to the short passing game, and run game for the entire first half. Despite a couple of promising drives at the end of the first half, that might’ve changed the outcome, it ended in a fumbled snap by Aaron Rodgers and an interception by Rodgers. Both of which resulted in a score for the 49ers. The offense in the second half was a lot of deep passing out of necessity to come back, but all that was muttered was a pair of touchdowns and another interception for Aaron Rodgers. Aaron Jones Also rushed one in. The lack of ability to change mid-game in the first half for the Packers was ultimately what ended the game before it started. Add that with the turnovers, and defense being atrocious and you have yet again another NFC Championship demolition of the Green Bay Packers.

What Might the Packers 2020 Season Look Like?

The Packers 2020 season is one to marvel at. It could either be the return of an elite Aaron Rodgers in a second-year system and improvement of the defense. Or the same as a confused Rodgers, relying on Aaron Jones, and relying on the defense too much; which ultimately was the Packers downfall. Only time will tell, and we will never truly know until week six of the 2020 season. But until then, it’s fun to speculate and to be honest, I see nothing but a brighter future the for Pack. Yes, Aaron Rodgers is aging, but that won’t be a top tier issue for maybe another few years. The Packers’ defense is on the younger side, but they do need to fill the second defensive tackle spot, so Kenny Clark has helped, and when he needs a breather, our defense isn’t paralyzed inside the tackles. Another area they need to fix is the middle linebacker spot. With Blake Martinez gone in every sense but officially, the Packers will need to either sign one for cheaper or get one in the draft. If the Packers intend to trade up into the top 15 or 10, they will have a chance to get Clemson’s prototype safety Isaiah Simmons, who is a freak of nature. All in all, the Pack is back, and it’s for the long haul.

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Top Photo: Ben Margot/Associated Press



Author: Peter McMaster


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