Jason Garrett Out in Dallas

Jason Garrett is out in Dallas, according to Ed Werder of ESPN. This is a move that doesn’t come as a surprise to much of anyone. His contract expired at the end of this season, and the Cowboys just finished off an 8-8 season, his fourth 8-8 season as the head coach of the Cowboys. However, this season was especially disappointing for Dallas.

Following a 10-6 season last season in which the Cowboys won a playoff game, they came into this season with high expectations. Those expectations were fair. As mentioned, Dallas had just gone 10-6. They also had a 13-3 season in 2016 when Garrett won Coach of the Year. That team, much like the 2018 team, was built around Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott. This season’s team was built the same. However, they also had plenty of talent on defense, and none of that seemed to click this season.

Jason Garrett Out as the Cowboys Coach

It’s important to distinguish that Garrett hasn’t been fired. His contract simply expired. Given the fact that he came into this season without a new deal, most expected this to be a make or break season.

While both sides of the ball had their moments of looking good, they were unable to play well at the same time for most of the season. That led to inconsistency all season, which resulted in an 8-8 record.

Overall Garrett finishes his Dallas coaching career with a record of 85-67. That’s not a bad final record at all, but they were unable to carry years they really had success to the next season.

That’s what ended up doing Garrett in.

Where Will Dallas Turn?

The Cowboys are one of the most attractive jobs in the league for a lot of reasons. This is a very talented roster, and it’s a place that you can attract free agents when you have holes you need to plug.

However, Jerry Jones can be a difficult owner to work for as he is someone who spends most of his time in the spotlight, which can take away from the team. It can also lead to distractions. However, Jones is also an owner willing to do basically anything it takes to win. So coaching for him is sort of a double-edged sword.

Overall this is likely going to be the most sought after job this offseason. Dallas should nearly have their pick of the available coaches. But whoever they hire, it needs to be someone who is going to be able to get consistent play out of this team, even if the highs aren’t nearly as high. The most important thing is avoiding those low points they had with Garrett.

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