On Sunday the Packers barely beat the Redskins by a score of 20-15. The headline of the story for the Packers was Aaron Jones. Jones put up nearly 200 yards from scrimmage, as he also put up one touchdown. Packer’s quarterback Aaron Rodgers also tossed one touchdown.

Problems For the Packers

Watching the game, it seemed like Aaron Jones was the only player who showed up on offense. The offensive line gave up a total of four sacks. That is the second-most given up so far. There were also multiple drops by a couple of Packer’s wide receivers. Most surprisingly being receiver Davante Adams. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers also missed two wide-open receivers which would’ve been touchdowns. Both were overthrows to Aaron Jones and Jimmy Graham. Also, on multiple plays Aaron Rodgers refused to take the wide-open check down, opting for a longer, more risky throw. But if the throws were not there, it either results in a throwaway, a sack, or a completion resulting in fewer yards than the previous checkdown.

What Needs to Get Better For the Packers?

Many things need to improve. If the Packers went out and performed like this in other games, they would probably lose. Aaron Rodgers must make better decisions and better throws. I’ve literally never said that sentence before in my life. Even as I write this, I still can’t believe the average to poor performance Rodgers had on Sunday. The offensive line needs to simply get it together. Missing easy assignments, not holding blocks. But they also played well on plays that needed long-developing routes.

What the Packers Did Well; Packers Aaron Jones Shines

The Packer’s defense also played relatively well. Adrian Amos came away with an interception as well as a sack. Linebacker Preston Smith also got a sack, as well as defensive tackle Kenny Clark coming away with a sack and a half. Once again, Packers running back Aaron Jones had nearly 200 scrimmage yards, posting 192 on the day and one touchdown on 8.7 yards per touch.

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