The Arkansas football program has had a rough couple of seasons, and now they have hired Sam Pittman to try and turn the program around. Pittman is coming over from Georgia, where he has served as the offensive line coach since 2016. He also had the title of associate head coach this season. Not to mention he served as the offensive line coach and recruiting coordinator at Arkansas from 2013-15.

Sam Pittman Hired By Arkansas

This has the feel of a potentially very good hire. This program has not had a lot to cheer about the past couple of seasons, but now, they are bringing back someone familiar with the program.

The Razorbacks had back-to-back bowl seasons in the final two seasons that Pittman was on the staff, and he is obviously familiar with recruiting to the program.

Make no mistake about it though, this is a full rebuild. Nobody is going to be able to come in and turn things around right away. This is a program that has largely lacked an identity and has struggled in recruiting.

With Pittman having spent the better part of the last decade in the South, he should have ties that will help him. While that will also be helpful, it will be huge for Pittman to win in Texas.

Arkansas is closer to Texas than some other Southern states, and it has the potential to be a hotbed for this program. However, with Texas A&M in the SEC and all the other competition for recruits in Texas, it won’t be easy.

But if Arkansas is going to get back on the map, that will be important.

How Will He Work at Arkansas?

It’s almost impossible to say given the position of the program right now. This isn’t the worst program in the SEC, but it’s been at the bottom for a couple of seasons.

They haven’t made a bowl game since 2016, and have only won eight games in the past three seasons. Chad Morris really set this program back, and the first and most important part of Pittman’s job is to establish an identity for the program. This program has no identity right now.

If he can establish an identity, that will be a great start. This is a program that has some money to spend on assistant coaches. Putting together a staff that aligns with his vision for the program will be huge.

Also putting together a staff that can do a good job on the recruiting trail will be critical. If all of those three things happen, Arkansas can get back to being competitive in the toughest division in college football.

For now, though, it will take patience from the fan base and administration. But it’s highly-unlikely things could get worse than the short Chad Morris era.

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Top Photo: David Goldman/Associated Press

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