Rutgers Hiring Greg Schiano As Head Coach

Greg Schiano is the most successful football coach Rutgers has ever had. Now, in as low of a point as a power-five program can imagine, the Scarlet Knights are bringing him back to be their head coach, according to multiple outlets.

There were rumors last week that Schiano and the school were in talks about him making a return, but that those were falling through. There were talks of extreme demands from Schiano. Demands regarding security, a financial commitment he wanted to school to make to facilities, and how big of a pool he would have to hire assistants.

The rumor surrounding those demands was that the school wouldn’t meet them and they would move on. However, it appears those were either premature, or the school has changed its mind.

Greg Schiano Coming Back to Coach at Rutgers

As mentioned, Rutgers is in as bad a spot as any power five school could imagine. They have five straight losing seasons. The last time they made a bowl game was the 2014 season when Kyle Flood was the head coach.

In the past five seasons, the program has a record of 13-47. They have been a punching bag to other Big Ten programs seemingly every Saturday.

However, they are now bringing back one of the few coaches to be able to win at Rutgers.

Schiano previously spent 11 seasons at Rutgers from 2001-2011 before leaving to become the head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The start of his previous stint was rough. He only managed to win 12 games in the first four seasons.

However, things were successful after that. He led the Scarlet Knights to five straight bowl games, four of which were wins, and an 11-2 season in 2006 that culminated in a Texas Bowl win and a final ranking of number 12. During that season they actually got as high as number seven.

His overall record during that stint was 68-67, which is impressive when you take into account what he inherited. He also went 5-1 in bowl games.

Can He Win Again?

The likelihood of Greg Schiano being able to come back to Rutgers and win at the level he was able to win at for most of the second half of his first stint at Rutgers is unlikely.

During that time Rutgers was in the Big East, and now he is in the tougher half of the Big Ten. Also, this program is in a terrible spot.

However, Schiano knows he has the security that he will need to be able to attempt to see a rebuild through. He will also likely have a financial commitment from the school to improve the resources needed to win.

That, of course, doesn’t guarantee winning. For Schiano to be able to turn this around, being able to keep talent in New Jersey is going to be the first and most important step.

The Northeast part of the country isn’t known for being the most passionate college football fans. With that being said, there’s high school football talent in New Jersey. Being able to put a fence around the talent in the state is going to be where everything starts.

He will also need to hire a good staff. That would seem to be where more of a financial commitment would come in. Schiano is more than likely going to be a CEO type head coach, but he does have a defensive background. That makes it critical for him to be able to hire a good offensive coordinator.

If Schiano can hire a good staff, that can also recruit and they can start to keep talent in-state talent home, that will be where everything starts.

Either way, this will be a lengthy rebuild. If you are a Rutgers fan, it will be important to have patience. There will still be ugly times ahead. However, Schiano appears to want this job, which doesn’t seem to be common. He also knows what it takes to win at Rutgers, even though circumstances aren’t the exact same as before.

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