The Green Bay Packers lost 37-8 to the San Francisco 49ers. Little did Packers fans know, the game was over as soon as the Packers first snapped the ball. On the first play from scrimmage, the Packers’ Aaron Rodgers fumbled the ball on a sack by the prodigy Nick Bosa, and it was returned to the two. The 49ers would punch it in the next play with a touchdown run by Tevin Coleman. The game was essentially over at that point. As the Packers would only score eight points in a blowout loss.

Small Highlights For the Packers

Packer’s star pass rusher Za’Darius Smith got his tenth sack of the season early on and raised his jersey. He had a shirt on saying “We [heart] Eileen”. His mother Eileen has breast cancer. Za’Darius Smith has been a culture changer since his arrival in Green Bay. He may have only been in Green Bay for a couple months, but the love Za’Darius Smith has shown Green Bay is coming back full force for his mother Eileen. Green Bay loves Za’Darius Smith.

The 49ers Outplayed the Packers

Watching the game any football fan can tell you that the 49ers were simply the better football team. Despite Green Bay having two weeks to prepare, the gameplan, and team of the 49ers were still better. The 49ers’ defensive line continued to be dominant, the 49ers secondary locked up when the defensive line didn’t get pressure. And the 49ers offense did their job, putting up 37 points. Third-year cornerback Kevin King was beaten by tight end George Kittle five times halfway through the third quarter. To elaborate, King has been suspect many times this season, but he was given the task of covering George Kittle. As a cornerback, this matchup favors you. You are faster, more athletic, and can jump higher. But, Kittle made King literally look the other way. The 49ers simply outplayed the Packers.

George Kittle’s X-Factor

Pre-game I said if Kittle had over 100 receiving yards and one or more touchdowns the Packers would lose. So, Kevin King gave up six catches on six targets, for 129 yards and a touchdown. The Packers continuously prove that covering tight ends is their weakness, and they won’t go far if it continues. George Kittle proved once again, he is undoubtedly the best tight end in football.

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Top Photo: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images


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