White Sox Extend Jose Abreu

The Chicago White Sox have announced a new three-year, $50 million contract for Jose Abreu. On November 14th, Abreu signed the one-year qualifying offer to stay in Chicago, but now he will be a member of the franchise for the next few seasons. This deal comes with a $5 million signing bonus, as well as $4 million being deferred. In that deferred money, he will receive $1 million each year from 2023-26.

This move comes just one day after the team signed free-agent catcher Yasmani Grandal. That signing of Grandal was the largest free-agent contract given out by the franchise.

Jose Abreu Signs a New contract

This move was a no-brainer for the franchise. They showed by signing Grandal that they believe they can win this season.

Abreu is the best player on the team, and this past season he led the American League in RBIs with 123, while hitting 33 home runs and posting a .284 average.

Abreu isn’t a modern-day hitter in the sense of him drawing walks. He did post a strikeout-rate of 21.9 percent this past season, which was a career-worst. So Abreu isn’t afraid to strike out, however, he is a very dangerous hitter.

The former Rookie of the Year and three-time All-Star averages 32 home runs and 110 runs driven in per 162 games.

The main aspect that Abreu struggles with is his defense. And with him going to be 33-years old at the start of the season, don’t expect that to get better.

However, adding Grandal does give them another option at first base, even though he’s not a great defender at first base in his own right.

With that being said, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Abreu slotted in at designated hitter more going forward. He already jumped to 34 times this past season, which was a huge increase from 13 times in the 2018 season.


This move is worth it. The White Sox have given out a lot more money in the past two days than they are accustomed to.

However, Abreu has been a steady force in the middle of the lineup, and with part of the money being deferred, it lessens the blow per year. Also, the deferred money is only $1 million per season for four seasons.

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