Mitchell Trubisky Ended the Bears Dynasty Before It Could Even Start

Mitchell Trubisky ended a potential Bears dynasty before it could start. It all starts back in 2015. The Chicago Bears had just finished the season with a 6-10 record and were bottom in the NFC North. The future seemed bleak, and the only way to rebuild this team was through the draft. Because who would want to go to Chicago in free agency? In the 2015 draft, The bears would get two players that would solidify the Bears defense for years to come. Those two players being Eddie Goldman, a solid run-stopper with pass-rush upside; and Adrian Amos, who was a snub for the pro-bowl in most of his years with the Bears.

In 2016 after posting the second-worst record in the NFL at 3-13, the Bears had an interesting situation; Who were they going to pick to be their franchise quarterback for potentially decades to come. The options were endless, there was so much talent. Deshaun Watson, who Dabo Swinney compared to Michael Jordan. Patrick Mahomes, the future NFL MVP, All-Pro, and Pro bowler. Even DeShone Kizer, who would lead the 2016 Cleveland Browns to a leagues worst 0-16 record. But with the second overall pick in the 2017 NFL draft, the Chicago Bears selected Mitchell Trubisky, Quarterback our of North Carolina. The Bears finished up the draft amazingly though, picking up two future All-Pros; safety Eddie Jackson and half-back Tarik Cohen.

Mitchell Trubisky Stopped a Potential Dynasty

Chicago’s 2017 Season & 2018 Offseason

The Bears 2017 season didn’t treat them too well. Finishing at the bottom of the NFC North for the third time in a row, posting a 5-11 record. Trubisky’s 2017 wasn’t much better, only starting 12 games, and posting a bland seven touchdown, seven interceptions, barely 2,000-yard season. But that wasn’t the exciting part of the Bears season. In the draft, they managed to get linebacker Roquan Smith and interior offensive lineman James Daniels.

Daniels would prove to be a consistent guard or center on the offensive line, But Roquan Smith’s 2018 would prove he was a monster. Racking up 128 tackles, almost 90 of which were solo, and a whopping five sacks. As an interior linebacker, five sacks is a lot, considering your job is to wrap up anyone who comes in the middle of the field. The bears 2017-2018 offseason continued getting better, by hiring Coach Matt Nagy, and trading for all-pro, future hall of fame pass rusher Khalil Mack. Just barely edging out their NFC North Rival Green Bay Packers, for the deal.

Bears Incredible 2018

The Bears were considered a super bowl favorite by many. Their defense was number one in the NFL under newly hired coach Matt Nagy. Unsurprisingly being led by Khalil Mack’s 12.5 sacks. Second-year quarterback Mitchell Trubisky made his first pro-bowl as a replacement with 24 touchdowns, 12 interceptions, and 3,223 yards. The future was looking bright for the Bears heading into the playoffs, before a Cody Parkey double-doink promptly booted them out of the playoffs. But the future was still looking up. Trubisky had just reached his first pro-bowl. Mack, Smith, Jackson, and Amos were all heading into their primes. Also, the Bears were looking to add even more depth in the draft.

What Went Wrong?

Stud safety Adrian Amos signed with the division-rival Packers in free agency. The Bears responded by signing former Packers and Redskins pro-bowl safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix. Besides the swapping of safeties, the Bears were still looking as dangerous as ever coming into the 2019 season. But coming into week nine of the season, Trubisky has 1217 yards, five touchdowns, and three interceptions. Mack has five and a half sacks. Former all-pro Eddie Jackson has zero interceptions, and only 2 pass deflections. The Bears currently sit at an NFC North worst 3-5 and have no clue what to do with Trubisky. Trubisky’s play has been the blame for most fans, but others blame the lack of imaginative play-calling and the offensive lines questionable play. The Bears defense has taken a step back like most predicted but, no one predicted them to be 3-5 and in danger of missing the playoffs.

The future of the Bears

The Bears have no first-round picks in the next two years. They traded them to the Oakland Raiders a year prior for Khalil Mack. With Mack and other players reaching their early 30’s soon, the Bears must capitalize on their talent now by getting a competent quarterback, who can make easy reads, and throws, unlike Trubisky. Maybe Cam Newton comes to mind, with his job possibly taken by Kyle Allen, where will the former MVP go?

If Trubisky keeps playing the way he is now, he will not last two more years in Chicago, before Matt Nagy kicks him out of town. This will happen sooner rather than later, considering his regime isn’t even the one that drafted and wanted him in Chicago. So is it really Trubisky’s fault that he ruined a potential dynasty? There is one thing for certain though, the Bears built an incredible team, and the only missing piece is a quarterback to command it.

Film Analysis On Mitchell Trubisky

Trubisky seems very inconsistent with his throws. Most people attribute this to his lack of rotating hips in his throwing motion, which can throw off-ball placement. He drags his hip with his throw, rather than leading with his hips. This is a mechanics issue and can be fixed. But, in his third year already, he hasn’t even come close to touching on the issue. Some games he seems perfect, but others, he seems terrible. If this isn’t fixed, there won’t be a future for him. His decision making also sometimes makes you scratch your head. He attempts to force throws. Not all the time, but sometimes. He stays on reads for way too long sometimes. But at other times, he can progress the play perfectly. On a Seattle concept against the Bengals, he made a beautiful pass to Trey Burton on an out route.

This play requires the QB to progress through two deep posts firsts quickly, before the out route. Fast forward to the Patriots game and on the same play, against the same defensive scheme, he stays too long on the deep post and doesn’t see Taylor Gabriel open in time running the out route. Another issue of Trubisky’s is not taking the easy and obvious throws. Against the Eagles this season, he threw to a double-teamed Tarik Cohen. Instead, Allen Robinson was wide open on a corner route. Trubisky should have known this. The one defender on that side of the field was playing very weak man coverage. Based on this alone, he was already beat pre-snap. The next drive, Trubisky sees this, and delivers a missile, in much tighter coverage. As a third-year quarterback, he is making rookie mistakes. Is there upside? Yes, but not much so far.

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Author: Peter McMaster


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