Green Bay Packers vs Carolina Panthers Preview

In Week 10 on the NFL Season, the 7-2 Green Bay Packers will be facing off against the 5-3 Carolina Panthers. The Packers offense looks to improve upon their 11-point offensive performance in Los Angeles last week. Also putting on a show for their home crowd in Lambeau Field is preferred.

Week 9 struggles

Coach Matt LaFleur’s west coast offense was shut down easily by the L.A Chargers last week. LaFleur’s playcalling has many Packers fans confused. He has what most people consider the most talented quarterback of all time, who can make any throw, on one leg, blindfolded. But, his gameplan was to throw screen pass, after screen pass to his wide receivers. This relied on them to make plays instead of the ultra-talented Aaron Rodgers. This was because the two tackles on the Packers, Bryan Bulagaand David Bakhtiari were being outplayed by Charger’s star defensive ends Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa. This quick pressure by the chargers forced the ball out of Rodger’s hands fast and make the offense one dimensional. Also, the issue of letting Rodgers throw the ball 20 yards only four times before the 4th quarter was a major issue LaFleur needs to fix.

Green Bay Packers vs Carolina Panthers: Keys For a Packers Win

How to Improve and Win week 10

Well, for starters, the offensive line simply needs to play better. Last week the defense did their job, and if the offense simply tied the chargers in time of possession, the Charger’s might not have even reached 15 points. The wide receivers also need to step up. It consists of Davante Adams, a second-round pick in 2014, and the rest are undrafted free agents. Besides Adams, none of the wide receivers have proved they belong, and with Antonio Brown‘s case coming to a close soon, I for one, wouldn’t be surprised if the Packers call his number out of retirement.

Another major improvement that must be made, is letting Aaron Rodger’s hurl the ball. The west coast scheme fits most quarterbacks, but not Rodgers. Rodgers is known for making plays, finding the open man downfield and putting the ball on a rope. Using the west coast scheme simply doesn’t let Aaron Rodgers be Aaron Rodgers. Another final improvement needed for the offense is letting Aaron Jones run routes like a wide receiver. Already this season we have seen him beat three linebackers for touchdowns on deep routes, excluding the one he dropped.

If the packers stand any chance of beating a Christian McCaffrey led offense, they must outduel the panthers, and if they lose back to back weeks, a question of “are the Packers elite?” will come out in full fury.

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Author: Peter McMaster


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