Saints Handle the Bears

The New Orleans Saints were able to go into Chicago and get a comfortable win over the Bears Sunday. Things weren’t always easy. Through one half the game was a defensive battle, and it looked like things would stay that way. However, the offense was able to make adjustments at halftime, which blew the game wide open.

Saints Explode in Second Half to Beat Bears

Sean Payton Should Be Favorite for Coach of the Year

And frankly, it shouldn’t be close. There are plenty of coaches who have done a good job this season. However, Payton is dealing with not having his Hall of Fame quarterback in Drew Brees.

It was no secret that Teddy Bridgewater was a capable backup. However, for the team to be 5-0 with him under center against some pretty good teams makes it the best stretch of coaching Payton has had in his career. And that’s a pretty high bar.

This week was, however, the most impressive. Not only was Brees missing his fifth game, but Alvin Kamara was sitting out. Kamara has been huge during this winning streak. Him being out was going to test the coaching staff to come up with an even better gameplan.

That gameplan allowed the offensive line to flourish. The offensive line flourishing allowed Bridgewater to have a strong game against a very good defense and allowed Latavius Murray to run for 119 yards two touchdowns.

Who knows how this season will finish. Regardless of that, Sean Payton deserves Coach of the Year for this stretch.

Wil Lutz is Human After All

Wil Lutz has been as good as anyone this season at kicker. However, he only went 2/4 on this day.

Don’t expect Lutz to continue to struggle like he did today. He has proven himself as one of the top kickers in the league, but alas, he is not a robot.

Saints Beat the Bears: Continued

This Defense Continues to Prove Itself

The Saints have gained a reputation as a franchise centered around the offense. That reputation has been well-earned. However, this defense is the real deal.

They can tend to be penalty prone at times, but when they aren’t giving opposing offenses first downs because of penalties, they have been a top-ten defense in the league. Like always, it is an opportunistic defense that forces turnovers and gets to the quarterback, but the pass coverage has been better so far this season downfield when opposing quarterbacks do have time.

Sean Payton is as reliable as anyone on the sidelines, but Dennis Allen deserves a ton of credit for this stretch as well.

The offense has been spotty at times during this streak, but the defense has been a constant.

It’s not the best defense in the NFL, but it’s a very good unit, and if everyone stays healthy, it’s a defense this team can win the Super Bowl with.

Next Up:

New Orleans will be heading home for a game against the Arizona Cardinals.

That is a game the Saints should win. However, Arizona has won three-straight games, and they’ve been putting up a lot of points. Albeit, those games were against teams not nearly as good as New Orleans

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