Gabe Kapler Out as Phillies Manager

After just two seasons, the Philadelphia Phillies have fired manager Gabe Kapler. This move comes after a disappointing 81-81 season in which the team went in with plenty of expectations. Those expectations existed after the front office went out and spent a lot of money last offseason, headlined by the signing of Bryce Harper.

Gabe Kapler Out in Philadelphia

Is It the Right Move?

It’s hard to know for sure if this will be the right move in the long-term. However, there’s no doubt the Phillies were disappointing this past season.

Following an 80-82 record in Kapler’s first season, there was expected improvement. Those expectations rose, even more, when the front office went out and spent a lot of money last offseason.

However, that improvement never came. The team only improved by one game, finishing 81-81. That finish led to them finishing fourth in the National League East, behind even the New York Mets, who people like to poke fun at.

Now, the front office is watching the Washington Nationals move onto the National League Championship Series when that was supposed to be them after they got Harper to come over from the Nationals.

It’s hard to know if this is even the right move in the short-term. Anyone who was not part of the day-to-day operations of the franchise is going to have to assume the front office viewed this change as necessary.

What’s Next?

It’s hard not to think the Phillies will continue the trend in baseball of hiring younger, recently retired players. However, they just went that route with Gabe Kapler and it clearly didn’t work out.

It wouldn’t be all that surprising to see the front office go with an established manager who has experience. Ultimately, that question will be answered.

Either way, there have been rumors that the front office is going to go out and spend even more this offseason. If that is, in fact, the case, it will make this an even more attractive job than it is.

Expect there to be a list of candidates wanting this job.

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