Brian McCann Announces Retirement

After 15 seasons Atlanta Braves catcher Brian McCann has decided to call it a career. The seven-time All-Star made the announcement following Wednesday’s blowout loss in Game five of the NLDS at the hands of the Cardinals.

Brian McCann Retires

The numbers on McCann are very impressive. In 15 seasons he finished with a career average of .262 and an OPS of .789.

He also finished with 282 regular-season home runs and 1,018 runs driven in.

Throughout his career, McCann was consistently among the best offensive catchers in the league. That reputation and production earned him six Silver Slugger awards, a very impressive amount of Silver Sluggers for a catcher.

The downside, is McCann’s postseason numbers are not impressive. He only hit four postseason home runs and he hit .168 in 38 career postseason games before Wednesday’s game five loss.

McCann also wasn’t viewed as the best fielder, although he wasn’t bad.

Overall though, McCann finished with a very good career and despite his numbers in the postseason, he was able to get a World Series ring in 2017 as part of the Houston Astros.

Hall of Fame Worthy?

That’s hard to say. His overall numbers say probably not, but catchers are generally judged differently.

Brian McCann played a huge role for the Atlanta Braves, and in his ten seasons in Atlanta in two separate stints, he hit .275 with 188 home runs and 706 runs driven in.

The Braves have also had two successful stints with him being a key piece. Now Atlanta was never able to win a playoff series when he was there, but that’s of course not something you can blame solely on McCann.

The answer to McCann being in the Hall of Fame is probably not, but it wouldn’t be too surprising to see him eventually get in. That’s simply because catchers are judged differently.

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