Michigan Matchup: Rutgers

Michigan will be playing host to Rutgers following last week’s embarrassing loss at Wisconsin.

Rutgers vs Michigan


(2-1) – (0-1)


(1-2) – (0-1)

Rutgers Summary

Rutgers is once again, playing Rutgers football. I could stop there, you know what it means, but I’ll add a little more substance. Since Opening the season against Massachusetts with 48 points, Rutgers has scored just 16, while allowing 60. There’s not much else to say for them. The offense does look improved so far. Gaining an average of 353 yards per game, as opposed to 266 last year. They have already reached last year’s season win total at 1, and are hungry to double it.

Michigan Summary

Michigan was embarrassed in Madison last weekend and desperately wants to put it behind them. They lacked effort, execution, and hustle almost all day. The Wolverines have looked sloppy and sluggish in every contest this year, and fans are beginning to worry. Metaphorical Pitchforks are being sharpened, and Rutgers doesn’t provide an opportunity to improve that situation. It can, however, help the confidence of a Michigan team still searching for its identity. An identity they will need to find quickly if they want to turn the season around.

Game Summary

Michigan wins. You know it, I know it, Rutgers will pretend they don’t know it, but we all know it. The only question is how handily does Michigan win? They will need things to start clicking, and this game could not have been better scheduled for that. It doesn’t get any easier after this for the Wolverines, so if they have things to work on, this is the time. You can’t improve the swell of fans getting angry at coaches for their performance so far, but you can do your job.

If Michigan can cover the spread and then some, it’s a step in the right direction towards a better season. The goal here is that no one gets hurt, and the Wolverines look smooth. If they can accomplish that without any blemishes, it helps. Let’s face it, anything less than 42 points won’t sit well with fans at this point, the offense has work to do. Work they should have no problem doing this time around.

Score Prediction

Michigan 45, Rutgers 14

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Top Photo: Allison Engkvist/The Michigan Daily



Author: Shawn Sudz


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