Detroit Tigers Avoid History

The Detroit Tigers have avoided making history for all the wrong reasons, giving a small bright light to an otherwise horrible season.

Detroit Tigers Avoid History

Monumentally Bad

That’s how you can describe the Tigers this season. A year ago, Detroit spent a decent part of the season just behind Cleveland in the AL Central standings. At 64-98 they weren’t good, but they weren’t as bad as expected. I held some optimism that they would finish with about 70 wins this season after last year. Tigers fans now find themselves thinking 50 wins would be nice. The club currently sits at 44-104 with only fourteen games remaining.

Not Quite Historic

Saturday night, in the 12th inning of a 4-4 ball game, John Hicks stepped to the plate with bases loaded. Mashing the fifth pitch of the at-bat into the visitor’s bullpen, Hicks saved the Tigers from making history.

In 2003 the single-season loss record was broken and set by none other than the Detroit Tigers. They won just 43 games that year, dropping the other 119. For all their struggles, at least Detroit won’t be breaking its own record again, no matter how they finish.

Anything to Look Forward To?

It’s hard to say what the Tigers will look like next year, or the year after, or for the next 5. They do have strong pitching Prospects in Their minor league system, but how many will pan out? The future only hurts more as former Tiger Eugenio Suarez has hit 47 long balls. We also learned that Michael Fulmer could have been traded for Javier Baez, or Alex Bregman back in 2017. It’s a major gut punch that reflects the Tigers organization perfectly over the past few years.

Dig in for the long haul Detroit Sports fans, it’s going to be a while before it improves.

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Author: Shawn Sudz


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