Jared Goff Gets a Huge Extension

Jared Goff was abysmal his first season in the league under Jeff Fisher. However, Sean McVay has been at the helm the past two seasons, and Goff has taken off. His rookie season he only completed 54.6 percent of his passes with five touchdowns and seven interceptions. During the last two seasons, he has completed 63.6 percent of his passes while throwing 60 touchdowns and 11 interceptions.

It’s been debated if the Los Angeles Rams should punt on Goff and go another way with McVay calling the plays. That clearly won’t be the case.

The team is extending Goff through the 2024 season. This new contract will add four seasons and $134 million of new money to the contract for Jared Goff, with an NFL record $110 million being guaranteed. The move was first reported by Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Jared Goff Extension

Los Angeles was on the brink of winning a Super Bowl last season and Goff was a big reason why. He threw for nearly 4,700 yards while throwing 32 touchdowns and averaging 12.9 yards per completion.

The main thing that has made Goff good since McVay took over, is he is almost as good against the blitz as he is when he isn’t being blitzed. A chunk of that credit obviously goes to McVay and his ability to have the Rams in the right play. But credit also goes to Goff for learning how to play against the blitz and know where to go with the ball before the blitz gets there.

The next evolution of Goff to make him an MVP-caliber quarterback is to improve when he’s under pressure. Of course, most quarterbacks are worse under pressure, but Goff is significantly worse when he is pressured.

Goff will also need to improve his ability to throw the 10-20 yard routes to the right side. However, every other spot in the intermediate or deep routes, he was great last season and has improved in those areas each of the three seasons he’s been in the league.

Impact on LA Going Forward

This will obviously tie up their cap space. In the last couple of seasons, with Goff being on his rookie deal and being very productive the past two seasons, the Rams have been able to spend a lot of money on other parts of their roster.

Now there will be two more seasons before his four-year extension kicks in. That will be very helpful for the Rams trying to spend money on other parts of their roster. However, once this new deal kicks in, Los Angeles will find themselves in a similar situation that a lot of teams around the league are in.

That position is having a huge percentage of your cap space tied up into your quarterback.

This will spark the debate of Goff being worth it. The argument has been made that McVay can put up numbers with any quarterback.

That gives too much of a slight to Goff. Goff is clearly a talented thrower of the ball and has gotten better the longer he’s been in the league.

One would assume that Goff will continue to develop. If he can do that, it will be huge for the Rams, because they will be in a spot where there’s going to be a lot of pressure on them to nail draft picks.



Author: Jared Woodcock

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