Bo Nix Named Auburn’s Starter

The Auburn Tigers had a quarterback battle all camp, and now it’s come to a conclusion with true freshman Bo Nix being named the starter. The announcement was made by head coach Gus Malzahn yesterday.

Bo Nix Named Auburn’s Starter

The former five-star recruit will be jumping into a very tough scenario. He will be facing a defense returning eight starters from last season, a team picked to win the Pac-12 North, and a team with a quarterback projected to go in the top-five of the upcoming NFL Draft.

On top of all that, the stage will be AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. With College Gameday present. Not to mention the game will also be in a primetime TV slot.

That’s a lot to ask of a true freshman. however, Nix does have a few things working for him. First off, the Auburn defense will be very good, taking some pressure off of him to produce a bunch of points. To go with that, he will have what should be one of the top offensive lines in college football in front of him.

So, while things will be tough out of the gate, Nix does have some things working in his favor.

Looking past the first game, things won’t get any easier. September 21st features a road trip to Texas A&M, while October 5th features a tough road trip to Florida.

Guz Malzahn is entering this season with some heat, and now he’s possibly putting his job on the line with a true freshman. However, if he’s going to roll with a true freshman, he could do much worse than Bo Nix.

Auburn will be able to run the ball. They’ll also be able to play defense, but the success of their season will largely come down to quarterback play.

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