Jermaine Kearse Breaks Leg

On the Detroit Lions‘ first drive of the preseason, they lost one of their starting receivers. Jermaine Kearse suffered a broken leg while blocking. Along with the broken leg, Kearse suffered injuries in his ankle as well.

Kearse is coming off of a tough season in his second and final season with the Jets. He was only able to start in nine games after being a starter for the majority of his career.

Kearse began his career with Seattle after being undrafted, and he was able to put up over 2,000 yards and 11 touchdowns in his five seasons in Seattle.

In March of 2016, Kearse was able to get a three-year contract from the Seahawks, but then in September of 2017, he was traded to the Jets, where he has played the past two seasons.

After his down season in New York, the market was thin for Kearse and he was forced to sign just a one-year deal and he, of course, signed that with the Lions.

Impact on Detroit

Luckily for the Lions in this situation, they have depth at receiver. Marvin Jones is coming back after missing the end of last season with an injury. Kenny Golladay is an emerging talent on the outside, and Danny Amendola signed with the Lions this offseason.

Tommylee Lewis is also an option for the Lions after signing with Detroit this offseason, and they have a couple of younger guys who will now have an increased opportunity.

The Lions offense shouldn’t be impacted too much by this loss. Obviously, they would’ve preferred to have Kearse because he would’ve given them more depth, but they will have other options for Matthew Stafford to throw the ball to.

The main one hurt by this injury is Jermaine Kearse.

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