Broncos Sign Theo Riddick

Right before camp started the Detroit Lions cut veteran running back Theo Riddick and now Riddick has found a new home. The Denver Broncos are bringing the veteran into training camp.

Theo Riddick

The Fit

This fit is interesting. The Broncos already have second-year backs Phillip Lindsay and Royce Freeman in the backfield and now they are adding Riddick.

Riddick specializes in catching passes out of the backfield, which is also something that Phillip Lindsay does a good job of.

This move will give the offensive staff for the Broncos a lot of options. Especially when they decide to put Lindsay and Riddick on the field together.

With that personnel, they will essentially have five pass catchers on the field at any time. They could use some variation of a two-back backfield or they could have one of them in the backfield and the other split out wide.

They will also have the option of having one or both of those guys split out wide and having Royce Freeman in the backfield as the guy to pound the ball up the middle.

This pickup will give the Broncos even more options with their running backs to try and help out new quarterback Joe Flacco, or even Drew Lock if he ends up in-game action this season.

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Top Photo: Quinn Harris/Getty Images



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