Hunter Wood, Christian Arroyo Headed to Cleveland

The Cleveland Indians and Tampa Bay Rays have swung a minor trade. Reliever Hunter Wood and infielder Christian Arroyo are headed to Cleveland in exchange for outfielder Ruben Cardenas.

Analysis of this Trade

For Cleveland

This is a very nice deal for Cleveland. Hunter Wood isn’t well-known, but he is a guy who has been productive in his limited time in the major leagues.

He has been productive by possessing a good fastball and to complement that, he has a very good cutter in his repertoire.

One thing that Wood has needed to work on however is his command, but he has shown improved command this season compared to last season in the form of a walk rate that’s nearly cut in half.

Christian Arroyo is a guy who can play third base, shortstop, and second base. He hasn’t had the chance to get things going this season because he’s been injured most of the year, but in limited major league time during his career, Arroyo has been able to show potential, especially on the defensive side of things.

Overall, Cleveland is getting two players who have shown some potential in limited major league action. If they’re able to get sustained time in the majors, they could really show what they are capable of.

Wood is more likely to help out Cleveland this season. He’s been in the major leagues a good portion of this season, going back and forth between the major leagues and the minors.

Cleveland also needs bullpen help, and Wood can provide that.

For Tampa Bay

Ruben Cardenas is a nice prospect. This is, however, a little bit of a suspect move by the Rays. Hunter Wood is a nice reliever and Arroyo can be a good utility guy. Along with that, Cardenas isn’t even in the top-30 in the Tampa Bay system, although the Tampa Bay farm system is loaded.

Cardenas is only 21 years old and is having his best minor league season in single-a, posting a line of .284/.343./.475. Cardenas does need to improve his walk rate and cut down on his strikeout rate as he progresses towards the major leagues, but overall there’s a lot to like offensively.

He can hit for power and to go with that, he can spray the ball all over the field.


It’s been reported that the Rays really like Cardenas. With that being said, it does feel like they gave up a lot.

However, Tampa Bay does have a plethora of relief pitchers and versatile defenders, making this package they gave up more reasonable.

For Cleveland, getting Wood is the main part of this deal, but Christian Arroyo could also end up being a nice piece going forward if he can get healthy.

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