Eric Sogard Traded to Tampa Bay

The Tampa Bay Rays have acquired infielder Eric Sogard from Toronto for two players to be named later.

Sogard is the type of player who will fit in perfectly in Tamp Bay. He is a versatile infielder who can play a number of different positions. Sogard can play second base, third base, and shortstop, and on top of that, he has played in the outfield this season.

Throughout his career, Sogard has been a solid fielder at every position, with shortstop being his worst.

Eric Sogard Traded

Fit In Tampa Bay

Sogard is a perfect fit. Tampa Bay loves versatile defenders and that’s exactly what Sogard is.

He should be able to come in and help their defense improve immediately, but on top of that, Sogard has also become quite the offensive threat.

A career .247/.317/.340 hitter, Sogard has improved to .300/.363/.477 hitter this season. He has also reached a career-high 10 home runs this season and is on the path to reach a new career-high in doubles.

Impact On Toronto

It’s hard to say what impact this deal will have. Sogard being traded was inevitable. But with them acquiring two players to be named later, there’s not much to analyze from the Toronto point of view.

Sogard improved his trade value by a good amount over the course of this season, and when they traded him, his value was at it’s highest.

Players to be named later can turn into anything. There have been examples of those not turning into anything. There have been examples of those players becoming something.

Toronto’s point of view won’t be able to be analyzed for likely a couple of years.

Overall Impact of Eric Sogard Being Traded

Very good under-the-radar pickup by Tampa Bay. Sogard will fit in perfectly. Along with his ability to play multiple positions, he has become a threat in the batter’s box.

However, for Toronto, this trade shouldn’t be graded for a couple of seasons.

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