Pac-12 Moving Title Game

Larry Scott took the podium at the annual Pac-12 media day and announced the conference was making a change. When the conference introduced the title game it was at the home field of the school with the best record. Staring in 2014 the title game moved to Levi’s Stadium in San Francisco.

Now, the conference title game will be in Las Vegas, starting in 2020. The game will be at the new home of the Raiders when the team eventually moves to Las Vegas.

Pac-12 Title Game Movement: Is It The Right Decision?

The answer to that question is an easy yes. When the team with the best record hosted, it wasn’t the worst, but it felt mid-major.

Moving the game to San Francisco felt like the right decision when it was made, but the results have shown otherwise.

The game has been poorly attended. Fans have talked about Levi’s Stadium being incredibly difficult to get to. It’s been criticized as a venue to watch a football game, and largely the games have followed suit.

Overall it’s been all bad. Levi’s Stadium is actually in Santa Clara, so the idea fans were going to visit San Francisco was a farce.

When the Game Moves to Vegas

Expect better attendance. Getting to Las Vegas and staying in Las Vegas is cheaper. It’s a more appealing destination than Santa Clara, and it’s much easier to get to.

Larry Scott hasn’t done much right as the commissioner of the Pac-12, but this is a good decision to make.

It took too long to decide to move the game, but ultimately the right decision was made.

Having somewhere else to play it on the West Coast was an issue. But with new stadiums being built in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, two much more viable options are developing within the Pac-12 footprint

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