Robinson Cano Goes Deep Three Times

Barring his PED suspension being held against him, Robinson Cano is headed straight for Cooperstown. However, Tuesday against the Padres he did something that he had yet to do in his career.

That was hit a home run three times in the same game. The New York Mets are more than likely not headed for the postseason, but things can still be fun and this game against the Padres was fun for the Mets.

Normally a 5-2 game between two sub-500 teams in late-July would not be notable. However, Robinson Cano had yet to do this in his career.

His final stat line for the game was 4-for-4 with three home runs and five runs driven in. Since he’s been a part of the league, Cano has had one of the more beautiful swings we have seen. However, that hasn’t transitioned into him being wildly successful late into his 30s.

Cano is having a rough season. When the Mets traded for him this offseason they thought he might still have something left in the tank.

That hasn’t been the case. However, for one night it was. Seeing Cano have his first three home run game is an exciting thing, even if it is between two teams hovering towards the bottom of their divisions.

The Legacy of Robinson Cano

As mentioned, Cano is likely headed straight for Cooperstown. He did have to serve an 80-game PED suspension last season and that’s a blemish on an otherwise amazing career.

Seeing someone who should be a future Hall of Famer accomplish something like this for the first time in their career so late in their career, is fun for baseball.

Cano hasn’t always had the best reputation. He is viewed by a lot of people as too lackadaisical, which is something that rubs people the wrong way. However, he has always had a beautiful swing and it’s good to see that swing still have something left in it, even if it is just for one night.

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