Mark Sanchez Retires From The NFL

Former first-round pick of the New York Jets, Mark Sanchez, has decided to call it quits on his NFL career. Sanchez will be taking a new role with ESPN in his post-football career.

The role he would be taking was unclear at first, but it has now been reported that he will be replacing Mack Brown. Brown was one of the hosts on ABC’s main studio show on College Football Saturday’s

This is a good role for Sanchez. His football playing days were clearly behind him. But with that being said, he’s someone who’s good in front of the camera.

How Mark Sanchez Fits Into ESPN

Every time a player goes from playing to commentating on the game they played, things can go one of two ways. It’s generally really successful or really rough.

With that being said, Sanchez should transition well. He isn’t going to have to be a color commentator on actual games, so he should be able to settle in well.

His new role will likely involve him talking with other people in a studio setting for 15-30 minutes at a time. This is a much easier way to transition to broadcasting than color commentating.

The Football Career of Sanchez

Mark Sanchez had an interesting football career. He threw more interceptions than touchdowns. However, he had a winning record as a starter.

On top of that, he had a 4-2 record as a starter in the playoffs. This involved him making it to the AFC title game twice. While Sanchez’s stats aren’t all that impressive, the New York Jets did have success with him as their starter. Begging the question, was it worth it?

It’s an interesting question to pose. It’s also a question that could be debated depending on what you value when it comes to a career from a quarterback.

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