Astros Boosting the Offense; Calling Up Yordan Alvarez

Yordan Alvarez has only been in the minor leagues of major league baseball for two seasons and during that time he has made quite the ascension from finding himself outside the top-100 list of two of the major outlets that rank prospects going into last season and then this season being ranked in the 40’s and on MLB Pipeline he has already risen from 44th at the start of the season to 23rd right now.

Houston is set to make him a part of the major league club as Jake Kaplan of The Athletic is reporting that the team is going to call him up in time to make his major league debut on Sunday.

It’s not like the Astros are hurting for offense at all, ranking seventh in all of baseball entering Sunday’s action in runs scored in all of baseball and on top of that they have a very deep offense that is producing even without the presence of Jose Altuve, Carlos Correa or George Springer.

Alvarez doesn’t grade out too well as a defender so it’s likely that he could come up and serve as the designated hitter or as the first baseman, which is one of the spots the Astros have actually been weak at this season, ranking 28th out of 30 clubs in WAR from the first base position.

Regardless of where he plays in the field or if he ends up being the designated hitter, the main skill from Alvarez and the reason that he’s getting the call to the majors is his bat. He’s hit at every level he’s been at, including holding his own in the Cuban National Series in his native Cuba when he was just 17-years old.

Alvarez’s bat should translate to the majors pretty seamlessly because scouts say that he has a pretty compact swing despite having a 6’5″ 225 LBS frame. Because of that frame though he has a lot of natural power which enables him to be able to not have to exert as much energy into his swing to clear the fences as some other hitters do.

We’ll have to wait and see if Alvarez’s move to the major leagues is permanent or not, but with the production Houston has gotten out of the first base position so far and with the talent that Alvarez possesses in his bat it wouldn’t be surprising to see him explode onto the scene and make it impossible for this not to be permanent.

He also does have the ability to play in the outfield, mainly left field, so there is some versatility there even though he doesn’t project as a plus defender at any position.

With the way Minute Maid Park is structured though, he should be able to do some serious damage with his left-handed swing and sure up the one position that you could really say Houston has a hole at and while doing that he’ll make one of the best offenses in baseball even more dangerous.

Top Photo: Stevie Golding/Round Rock Express


Author: Jared Woodcock

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