Matthew Ioannidis Gets an Extension

Defensive tackle Matthew Ioannidis has racked up 12 sacks over the last two seasons for the Washington Redskins and he was rewarded today in the form of a three-year extension with a maximum value of $21.75 million and it includes $14 million in guaranteed money.

Ioannidis is only 25-years old after not seeing much action in his first season, only playing in 10 games and starting none, he began to show a lot of promise in the 2017 season as he started 10 games and racked up 4.5 sacks and then last season in 9 starts and 14 games he took it to another level, racking up 7.5 sacks and 6 tackles for loss.

Washington doesn’t have too much cap space, but this season Ioannidis will only make just over $2 million before his new contract kicks in next season when they will be freeing up more cap space with contracts like Vernon Davis and Brandon Scherff set to expire next season.

This also isn’t too much of a pay raise so this should overall be viewed as a very positive for the Redskins and Redskins fans because Ioannidis has shown improvement each season that he’s in the league and is now a starter for Washington.

The next step for Ioannidis is to become someone who can stay healthy and play 16 games in a season, but overall this is a good move by the Redskins because it’s not too much money and it’s for someone who has become a good player for Washington after being a fifth-round pick in 2016.

Top Photo: Seth Wenig/Associated Press


Author: Jared Woodcock

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