Panthers Sign Chris Hogan

The Carolina Panthers got Cam Netwon a new weapon earlier today by inking former Patriots and Bills wide receiver Chris Hogan to a one-year deal.

Hogan has only had one season where he has started over half of the games and that was the 2016 season and that season he lead the league in yards per catch at 17.9 yards per catch.

Even though he has only had that one season of being a regular starter, he has been pretty solid throughout his seven seasons in the NFL, especially the past five seasons.

Carolina was perfectly average in the passing game last season so any little bit of help they can get is welcome, because with Cam Newton, the Panthers have been able to run the ball and they have one of the more versatile backs in the league with Christian McCaffrey, so if they can push that passing game towards about the top-12 in the league this upcoming season, they will be a much improved offensive team, which would go a long way into trying to get them back into the postseason.

The Panthers however have very little cap space, so they can’t likely get much more help besides the Draft.

Top Photo: Winslow Townson/USA TODAY Sports


Author: Jared Woodcock

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