Ravens Extend Tavon Young

This is the first example of the Baltimore Ravens using the extra cap space provided by trading Joe Flacco and it is with the Ravens making Tavon Young the highest-paid nickel back in the league. The deal was first reported by Adam Schefter of ESPN and it has now been announced by the team.

Schefter is reporting that the deal is for three-years and $25.8 million with a max value of $29 million.

Young was originally a fourth-round pick in the 2016 NFL Draft and over the course of his career he has three interceptions and has started 17 of the 31 games that he has played in. A lot of him starting or not depends on which personnel package the Ravens start the game in, but overall he’s a contributor for the Ravens and he’s a player that recovered three fumbles this past season, taking two back for touchdowns.

Photo courtesy: Harry How/Getty Images

Overall, Young was ranked as a pretty average player last season by Pro Football Focus, making this somewhat of a suspect decision by the Ravens because of the fact that he hasn’t been that great of a player and he’s missed one full season of his career with a torn ACL.

The good thing for the Ravens about this deal is that they had one of the better secondaries in all of football so they will have some continuity on the back end, but this does feel like a little bit of a waste of cap space, but with Lamar Jackson on such a cheap deal they will still have a good amount of cap space to work with this off-season.


Author: Jared Woodcock

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