Pelicans Fire GM Dell Demps

New Orleans will reportedly be looking to overhaul its front office to lead things on a straighter path going forward. (Photo by Brett Duke/The Times-Picayune)

In the midst of a tumultuous period for the New Orleans Pelicans that is centered around their franchise player, Anthony Davis, demanding a trade, the Pelicans have decided to fire GM Dell Demps. Demps has been with the franchise since 2010.

With the way that things have gone around the Pelicans franchise during Demps’ tenure, it’s not too surprising to see Demps get let go. Anthony Davis wanting out is something that is more than likely going to torpedo the franchise into a full-blown rebuild, and while Demps can’t help that a star player would rather play in a bigger NBA market than New Orleans, he should receive blame for not being able to put enough pieces around Davis to be able to make a run at a title.

Stars do generally like to play in bigger markets in the NBA, but it’s also been shown that if you have a star player and are able to surround him with other great players and are able to win games, you can keep a star (i.e. Oklahoma City being able to keep Paul George when everyone thought he was going to Los Angeles).

The Pelicans have only made the postseason twice since drafting Anthony Davis and both times it felt like they were a team that really had something to build on before losing to the Warriors in both instances, but they failed to take advantage of the momentum gained both times, which is something that has to fall on Demps.

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN is reporting that owner Gayle Benson wants an overhaul of the Pelicans front office and wants to find a high-level basketball executive to take control of the Anthony Davis trade talks. Ownership was also reportedly very upset that Davis left the arena after last night’s game with an injury. They are also pleased with head coach Alvin Gentry and believe that players are responding well to him, so it seems like his job is safe going forward and they just want more organization in the Anthony Davis trade talks and in the front office overall going forward, which is not surprising because they’ve been pretty poorly ran as a franchise.


Author: Jared Woodcock

I am the founder and owner of Sports Daily Gameday Insight. I am also currently a business student at the University of Oregon


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