Broncos Agree to Trade For Joe Flacco

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It’s not surprising that the Ravens have found a suitor for Joe Flacco and they have done just that by agreeing in principle to trade the 2013 Super Bowl MVP to the Denver Broncos. The trade can’t be officially processed until the new league year starts and it’s unclear what the compensation returning to the Ravens will be, although Adam Schefter of ESPN is reporting it will likely be a mid-round pick, which makes sense because the Broncos have two fourth-round picks.

Over the course of his career Flacco has been pretty solid, throwing for 212 touchdowns during his 11 seasons in the league thus far, but after winning that Super Bowl and getting the massive contract he got, he saw a drop-off in his production and where they drop-off was most notable is his yards per attempt. He has had a few seasons where he was over 7.0 yards per attempt, but over the past few seasons he has dropped into the mid sixes and during his last season in which he started every game in 2017, he was only at 5.7 yards per attempt.

A change of scenery could do Flacco some good as sometimes players get rejuvenated going to a new team. For Denver this is a good move in my opinion. They had been heavily rumored throughout the season to wanting to draft Oregon quarterback Justin Herbert, but Herbert of course decided to go back to Oregon for his senior season, so it appears to Broncos will take a flier on Flacco instead of just drafting a quarterback in this years draft that they might not want, which is refreshing because normally an NFL team in that situation would just draft a quarterback this season that they might not want.

It’s also smart because even though Flacco has a huge cap hit this season, they are able to get out of the contract after this season, which unless he has a huge bounce back is something I would expect to happen.

For Baltimore this was a no-brainer. Flacco had a huge cap hit this season and dealing him frees up a ton of cap space and with them wanting to build around Lamar Jackson and him being on his rookie deal, they will have a lot of extra cap space to go out into free agency and try and add to a team that won the AFC North this past season.

Another factor of this trade is that you should expect Case Keenum to be dealt at some point this off-season as the Broncos are unlikely to keep two quarterbacks that make as much as they do on the roster.


Author: Jared Woodcock

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