Mets Sign Justin Wilson

The Mets are going all-in this season and getting Justin Wilson at $5 million per year is a great value. (Photo by Jim Young/USA Today Sports)

The New York Mets have already went out this season and made a few moves to try and make their team better. The main one of those moves was trading for second baseman Robinson Cano and closer Edwin Diaz. Some of the offseason moves, combined with some of their younger outfielders being able to come back healthy and of course the 1-2 punch in the starting rotation of Jacob deGrom and Noah Syndergaard.

Wilson Ramos has also been added to be the backstop to help that pitching staff perform even stronger, they added Jed Lowrie to help with infield depth, but they made a great signing over the weekend when they went out and signed reliever Justin Wilson.

Over the course of his career, Wilson has been very reliable when he’s been put in specific situations, and those situations are high-leverage situations in the 7th or 8th inning. With the Mets having already added Edwin Diaz this offseason to be the closer, Justin Wilson will be able to fit right into that situation where he’s been the best over his career.

Wilson’s contract is for two-years and $10 million, so for the Mets to be able to pay a guy as good as Wilson only $5 million per year for the next two years based on the value that he’s brought to the teams he’s been on in those situations, is a great signing in my opinion.

This isn’t a big splash or have the name value that some of the players the Mets acquired earlier this offseason are, but this is their best acquisition to me, besides Edwin Diaz and maybe Wilson Ramos if he can stay healthy.

The Mets are looking to be a much improved team this season as long their better players can stay healthy, and this move will go a long way in helping them improve because it deepens their bullpen and greatly improves the bridge to Edwin Diaz.

Overall grade: A-


Author: Jared Woodcock

I am the founder and owner of Sports Daily Gameday Insight. I am also currently a business student at the University of Oregon


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