Predicting Sunday’s Games

Andrew Luck has never lost to the Titans in his career and he’ll need another win over them to get his Colts team to the playoffs. (Photo: Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

My record going into Sunday’s NFL games is 152-86-2. I’m only going to go into detail on games that have any significance when it comes to the playoffs with it being week 17.

Early games

Panthers vs Saints

With the Saints having the number one seed locked up in the NFC this game has no significance. It will be fun to watch Teddy Bridgewater get a start however.

Pick: Saints

Dolphins vs Bills

No playoff significance.

Pick: Bills

Lions vs Packers

No playoff significance

Pick: Packers

Jaguars vs Texans

Houston needs a win here to wrap up the AFC South title, but also, if they were to win and New England were to lose, the Texans would get a first-round bye in the postseason. I believe that’ll create a sense of urgency in a home game against a team that has mailed it in. I’d be shocked if Houston let this one slip.

Pick: Texans

Jets vs Patriots

It’s hard to see New England losing this game at home to the lowly Jets, especially since the Texans lost at Philadelphia last week, leaving the door wide open for the Patriots to still end up with a first-round bye in the AFC playoffs. I think New England will come out and take care of business early against a bad Jets team.

Pick: Patriots

Cowboys vs Giants

Despite the Cowboys being a playoff team, this game has no significance because Dallas is already locked into the number four seed in the NFC playoffs.

Pick: Cowboys

Falcons vs Buccaneers

No playoff significance.

Pick: Falcons

Late games

Browns vs Ravens

This game is huge because the Ravens have the chance to win the AFC North title and host a first-round playoff game. On the other side of things, Cleveland has a chance to finish the season over .500. This will be a fun matchup of rookie quarterbacks as Baker Mayfield has been so good and Lamar Jackson has been able to run the ball so well to put them in a position to win a division title. I expect this one to be low-scoring and I think with the division title on the line the Ravens will find a way to piece together another win.

Pick: Ravens

Eagles vs Redskins

This is a big one. The Eagles have a chance to make the playoffs with Nick Foles leading them again. Now first things first and that’s them needing to win this game, but they’ll also need to Vikings to lose to the Bears. I think the Eagles will get a win here because they seem to be playing with much more confidence than they were just a few weeks ago, and that offense is really clicking with Nick Foles again and while he has done a good job, I don’t think Josh Johnson can keep up.

Pick: Eagles

Raiders vs Chiefs

Kansas City has home-field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs on the line in this one. With them being at home and needing a win, I don’t see them losing to the Raiders because while the Raiders have been better, I don’t think they’ll come close to winning this one.

Pick: Chiefs

Bears vs Vikings

While it’s an outside shot, the Bears do have a chance at getting a first-round bye. They will need to win and have the Rams lose to the 49ers for that to happen, which the Rams losing to the 49ers doesn’t seem likely, but weird things happen in the NFL. I still don’t believe in the Vikings and I think the Bears defense will come in and dominate this game and the Bears will pick up a huge road win and even if it doesn’t lead to them getting a first-round bye, it’ll be a big momentum builder going into the playoffs.

Pick: Bears

Bengals vs Steelers

Pittsburgh is coming off of a heartbreaking loss last week at New Orleans and now they will need a win here and to get some help to make the playoffs. I think they will take care of the Bengals because the Bengals are a mess right now and then it’ll just come down to the result of the Browns vs Ravens game.

Pick: Steelers

Chargers vs Broncos

The Chargers suffered a tough loss last week at the hands of the Ravens, but the Broncos are a mess at the end of this season and that, combined with a shot at the one seed in the AFC if the Chiefs were to lose to the Raiders, will lead to the Chargers picking up a fairly easy win.

Pick: Chargers

49ers vs Rams

Los Angeles will have to win this game to ensure that they get a first-round bye. That shouldn’t look like too tall of a task because the 49ers are a bad team, but the Rams haven’t been playing at a high-level over the last month or so, and Todd Gurley won’t be playing in this one. I still think the Rams will get a win, but they will need to play much better than they have been as of late to try and gain momentum for the playoffs.

Pick: Rams

Cardinals vs Seahawks

Seattle has a playoff spot locked up, but they still have seeding to play for. The Cardinals are probably the worst team in the league so I think Seattle should have no problem winning this game at home.

Pick: Seahawks

Sunday Night Football

Colts vs Titans

This is the game of the week. It’s as simple as the winner gets into the playoffs. Andrew Luck has never lost to the Titans and he will need to keep that going on the road against one of the better defenses in the league. Marcus Mariota is banged up and his health will be key because while he’s been a bit up and down this season, if he doesn’t play or if he’s severely limited, that offense goes completely in the tank. The other aspect of the Titans offense to watch is Derrick Henry. Henry has been hot the last month and if they can get a run game going it will take pressure off of Mariota and maybe even more importantly keep Andrew Luck and that Colts offense on the sidelines. A big factor in this game when Indianapolis has the ball is that Jurrell Casey was put on IR earlier this week. Even though the Titans have one of the top defenses in the league, the Colts have been great at keeping opposing defenses off of Andrew Luck, and I think that’ll lead to a good game from Andrew Luck and another win for Andrew Luck over the Titans and the Colts will make it back to the playoffs.

Pick: Colts


Author: Jared Woodcock

I am the founder and owner of Sports Daily Gameday Insight. I am also currently a business student at the University of Oregon


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