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The Cardinals getting Paul Goldschmidt has been the move of the offseason to this point (Photo: Orlando Ramirez/USA Today Sports)

Nationals trade for catcher Yan Gomes in exchange for outfielder Daniel Johnson and right-handed pitcher Jefry Rodriguez.

Yan Gomes had a bounce back season offensively last season in Cleveland, hitting .266 with 16 home runs and he was an all-star. Now the strength of his game over the course of his career has not been his offense, but it’s been his defense and even more specifically his throwing arm. Since becoming the full-time catcher in Cleveland he showed off one of the better throwing arms in the league and while he won’t be a game-changer in Washington on the offensive side of things, his defensive prowess should really help out the pitching staff in Washington.

It’s hard to know what to make of this trade for Cleveland. Their farm system had become pretty depleted over the last couple years of them being contenders and trying to trade for guys to try and get a World Series title. Jefry Rodriguez isn’t expected to do much of anything, but Daniel Johnson is an interesting prospect. He’s been slotted in at number 12 in the Cleveland farm system by MLB Pipeline, but he’s thought of pretty highly for being the number 12 ranked prospect in a system. Johnson is a little bit undersized, but he has good power for his size and he projects to have good speed at the major league level and he has a very good throwing arm. Cleveland doesn’t have a lot of depth in the outfield, so there could be a path for Johnson to make it to the majors sooner than later.

Mariners trade right-handed pitcher Alex Colome for Omar Narvaez

This was one of the first trades of the Mariners tear down this offseason. For the White Sox, Colome is a really nice pickup. For his career, Colome has a 3.12 ERA and has shown the ability to perform in a number of different roles in a bullpen. It’ll be interesting to see how the White Sox decide to use him.

The Mariners got rid of Mike Zunino earlier this offseason, so catcher was a really big need for them, and they went out and actually got a pretty good option in my opinion. Narvaez isn’t a superstar, but he does have a career batting average of .274, but he has also never played 100 games in a season. He’s not much of a power hitter, but overall his offensive game is pretty good. His defense isn’t bad, but it still has room to develop, but overall he’s a cheap alternative at catcher for Seattle that could do a pretty solid job.

Mets trade for second baseman Robinson Cano and closer Edwin Diaz in exchange for right-handed pitchers Justin Dunn, Anthony Swarzak and Gerson Bautista and outfielders Jarred Kelenic and Jay Bruce

The Mariners also sent a good chunk of money to the Mets to help offset some of the cost of the Robinson Cano contract and that’ll certainly help because at this point in his career, I don’t think Robinson Cano is going to be worth his contract. He’s still a good player, but I think Seattle did good to get rid of him and a lot of the cost of his contract in this deal. Now the acquisition of Edwin Diaz is one I love for the Mets. Diaz is only 22-years old and he’s coming off of a breakout season where he lead the American League in saves with 57. I think with an improved Mets team, he’ll get a good amount of chances to record saves for them. Cano should be solid for the Mets, but overpaid, but I love the Edwin Diaz part of this trade for New York.

The Mariners are likely to move guys like Anthony Swarzak and Jay Bruce before they even play a game for Seattle. Now the other parts of this deal were good for Seattle, at least on paper. The Seattle farm system was really depleted before this offseason, but the team has acquired its now top three prospects in trades this offseason after geting Justus Sheffield in the James Paxton trade and now Jarred Kelenic enters as the number two prospect in the organization and the number 62 in all of baseball. Kelenic is an outfielder that is a really well-rounded player. He’s only 19-years old so he still needs to fine tune his game, but he looks like he has all of the tools to be a really good major league player.

Justin Dunn is the most major league ready prospect the Mariners got in this deal. Dunn is a fastball/slider pitcher that does need to work on his control, but his stuff is very good and if he can put in the work to dial in his control he has the stuff to be a key part of the rotation going forward for Seattle.

Bautista is a guy that could be in the bullpen for Seattle. He’s mostly just a fastball pitcher, but with his plus fastball, there could be a role for him in Seattle.

Phillies trade for shortstop Jean Segura, left-handed pitcher James Pazos and right-handed pitcher Juan Nicasio for first baseman Carlos Santana and shortstop J.P. Crawford.

This trade is huge for the Phillies. Getting Jean Segura is obviously huge, but James Pazos is a really solid relief pitcher and will help the Phillies bullpen, as will Juan Nicasio, even though his career has seen better days.

Now to the big part of this trade and that is two-time all-star shortstop Jean Segura. There’s not really anything on a baseball field that Jean Segura can’t do. Every year since becoming a full-time starter in 2013 he has always had at least 20+ stolen bases, he can drive in runs, can hit the occasional home run, plays above average defense and has a career batting average of .287. The importance of this move for the Phillies can’t be overstated. They were a surprise team this past season and getting a guy like this will help this team go to the next level.

As for the Mariners, there’s a good chance they’ll move Carlos Santana before the season starts and that he’ll never end up playing in Seattle. J.P. Crawford was a highly-thought of prospect before getting to the big leagues, but he has not panned out so far in his career. He does have talent, which is what got him to being a highly-ranked prospect, so maybe a change of scenery will be good for him, but he’ll need to show a lot of improvement. I really don’t like this trade for Seattle.

Tigers sign left-handed pitcher Matt Moore

Matt Moore had a lot of promise when he first made his way to the big leagues, and he even made an all-star game in 2013, but since then things have been downhill and now he’s being forced to sign a one-year deal to try and show that he can get people out in the big leagues. For the Tigers this is a no-risk signing because it’s only a one-year deal and it’s not a big contract, but for Moore, this could be his last chance in the major leagues.

Nationals sign left-handed pitcher Patrick Corbin

This one hasn’t been made official yet, but it’s been reported by every major MLB news outlet. It’s been reported that Corbin will receive a six-year, $140 million contract. This deal is a little risky in the long-term for the team because he will be entering a season in which he’ll turn 30 years old. In the short-term this deal is a slam dunk. Corbin was good in the hitters paradise that is Chase Field, so he should only get better being out of such a hitters park and for the Nationals, this gives them a great front line trio of Max Scherzer, Patrick Corbin and Stephen Srasburg (when healthy). That, paired with the defensive prowess of new catcher Yan Gomes, should make for a really strong year from the pitching staff in the nations capital.

Cardinals trade for first baseman Paul Goldschmidt in exchange for right-handed pitcher Luke Weaver, catcher Carson Kelly, infielder Andrew Young and a 2019 competitive balance round B pick

Biggest trade of the offseason by far up to this point and it’s not even close. Goldschmidt is one of the better players in all of baseball, even though he doesn’t receive the attention he deserves. For his career he is hitting .297 and per 162 games, averages 31 home runs, 105 RBIs and 18 stolen bases. He has also proven to be a great defender, with three Gold Glove awards to his name. There really isn’t anything he can’t do on a baseball field and nothing he really can’t do at a high level. The Cardinals had a very strong season after they let go of Mike Matheny and it’ll be interesting to see if they can carry that into this season, but adding a special player like Paul Goldschmidt will certainly make a big impact.

There had been rumors of the Diamondbacks blowing things up this offseason and this is a big sign that could be coming, and given that, I like the return for Arizona. I don’t like dealing a guy like Goldschmidt, but if you’re going to, this was a good package to get. Carson Kelly is a former second-round pick and highly regarded prospect. He has had some MLB time and clearly needs to work on his bat at that level. He will now have a real chance to show what he can do because in St. Louis he was blocked by the great Yadier Molina.

This season was Luke Weaver’s first as a full-time member of a major league rotation and he struggled. He finished with an ERA of 4.95, but his FIP was a good amount better and his FIP for his career is a good amount better than his ERA. He clearly has talent and could pop with a change of scenery and just by gaining more experience.

Andrew Young was more of a throw-in to this deal as he is 24 years old and the furthest he’s made it is AA. The competitive balance round B pick is a nice pickup in this deal for Arizona because it’ll be a great chance to get a really good player if they get the pick right.

Indians extend Carlos Carrasco

Rumors have been swirling that the Indians were going to deal one of their front line starters, which includes Corey Kluber, Carlos Carrasco and Trevor Bauer. Well take Carrasco off the board as a trade candidate because the Indians were able to sign him to an extension through 2022 with a club option for the 2023 season.

Carrasco had an up and down start to his career, but he was viewed as someone that had a ton of talent and he has finally gotten it to click and now he is a very good major league pitcher. This move is a good one for the Indians because they were able to get him for $12 million, which is less than Carrasco could probably get on the open market.

Red Sox re-sign Nathan Eovaldi

Nathan Eovaldi has immense talent, but he has had an extremely tumultuous MLB career, but this season he was able to show what he could do by staying healthy and then came the playoffs and even more specifically the World Series. He was rewarded for his ability and then his playoff appearance by getting a four-year, $67.5 million deal with the Red Sox.

Sometimes in situations like this in sports when someone explodes onto the scene in a big moment and then gets paid by a team, it doesn’t pay off and the team looks dumb for overreacting. I don’t think that’ll be the case this time. Eovaldi is extremely talented and has the stuff to be an elite major league pitcher as long as he stays healthy. The only way I see this not working out is if his injury issues creep back up, but as a baseball fan you have to hope that doesn’t happen, because he could be one of the next great MLB pitchers, he just arrived later than most expected.

Twins sign second baseman Jonathan Schoop

The Twins have brought in 2017 all-star second baseman Jonathan Schoop in on a one-year deal. With Brian Dozier no longer in the fold in Minnesota, second base was a need. Schoop had some really good seasons during his five-plus seasons in Baltimore, but last season he started to slip and he really slipped once he got traded to Milwaukee.

Schoop will really need to bounce back to show that he can still do it in the major leagues and now he’ll have this deal to try and prove that. I think he can still be a good major league player with him only being 27-years old and having had some good years in the past.


Author: Jared Woodcock

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