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Cowboys defense proves itself

Nobody had been able to stop the Saints offense all season leading up to Thursday when the Cowboys were going to get their shot at trying to slow down the unit that’s been a complete juggernaut all season and the Cowboys defense came through and proved itself as one of the top units in football. The Saints came in on pace to be the most efficient offense in NFL history, but the Cowboys held them to just 10 points and 176 yards. A big reason for their success against this great offense was them making Drew Brees uncomfortable by being able to get pressure right up the middle.

Rams clinch NFC West

It become possible last week if the Seahawks would’ve lost to the Panthers, which didn’t happen, so this week the Rams went into Detroit and took care of business themselves, winning 30-16, to clinch the NFC West for the second straight season.

Early slate upsets

The early slate of games this week looked like it was going to produce some fairly predictable results, which of course in the NFL means that the teams that weren’t supposed to win were going to win. This included the Giants beating the Bears, Jaguars beating the Colts, Buccaneers beating the Panthers and most notably, the Cardinals beating the Packers. This threw a wrench in the playoff standings compared to what we thought they might look like at weeks end.

Mike McCarthy gets fired

The most shocking result of the early slate of games Sunday in my opinion was the Cardinals going into Lambeau Field and beating the Packers and what that did do besides pretty much put a nail in the Packers season, was put a nail in the Packers coaching career of Mike McCarthy. There was a good chance that things in Green Bay were going to come to an end for him at the end of the season anyways, but this is a loss that couldn’t happen so when news broke of his firing later on Sunday, it wasn’t too surprising. McCarthy finishes his tenure in Green Bay with a record of 125-77-2 and one Super Bowl title. Just looking at the record and the Super Bowl title it looks like a successful tenure, which it was for the most part, but with a guy like Aaron Rodgers, only getting one title seems like not enough and people will debate if that’s more on McCarthy or if Rodgers should take a lot of blame for it, but regardless of which side you’re on on that debate, they should have more than one title. This job will probably be the most interesting to watch this offseason unless someone unexpected leaves their current team or is fired.

A great Sunday Night game

The Chargers were needing to go into Pittsburgh and make a statement that they’re a legit team come playoff time and they did that by pulling out a 33-30 win on a Michael Badgley field goal as time expired. Things looked bleak for Los Angeles when the Steelers jumped out to an early 13-0 lead, but the Chargers were able to overcome that early storm and find a way to win. There were certainly some questionable calls in the game, but ultimately it’ll go down as a win for the Chargers in the standings.

Power rankings

  1. Rams
  2. Saints
  3. Chiefs
  4. Chargers
  5. Patriots
  6. Bears
  7. Texans
  8. Steelers
  9. Seahawks
  10. Ravens

Author: Jared Woodcock

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