Redskins vs Eagles Preview

redskins vs eagles
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Monday Night Football this week takes us to Philadelphia for a divisional battle between two teams that desperately need wins. Both are in the thick of the playoff race, but the Redskins have to be feeling it slipping away with Alex Smith being out and the Eagles have been inconsistent all season and had to comeback to beat the Giants last week.

Redskins offense vs Eagles defense

Outside of Malcolm Jenkins, the Philadelphia secondary is really banged up and that’s something that even Colt McCoy can take advantage of, because against a pretty good Cowboys defense on Thanksgiving he did throw for a good amount of yards even though he threw three interceptions.

While the secondary is something I think Washington can take advantage of, it’ll still be critical for them to establish the running game with Adrian Peterson first because that’s what they’re built on and while I think Colt McCoy can have a fine game, he likely won’t be able to put the offense on his shoulders and carry them to a road win.

The key to this matchup will be what type of game Washington gets out of Colt McCoy. There’s a reason a team has never really put a franchise in his hands, but the Eagles pass defense isn’t good and McCoy has been around the league a while. He will just need to not try and do too much. This is a matchup I could really see going either way because both sides have been fairly inconsistent this season.

Eagles offense vs Redskins defense

The Washington defense is better than the Philadelphia offense, but it’s not by a huge margin and really the Eagles offense isn’t much better than the Redskins offense even though you’d think they would be based off of the talent they have.

The Philadelphia running game was never the strength of the team, but lately it’s been putrid and it’s put a lot of pressure on Carson Wentz and the receivers to try and complete passes in tight windows. Philadelphia will need to establish some sort of running game in this game. I’m not saying they have to run for 150 yards, but they need something because the balance on offense for them is all out of whack right now and it’s produced some pretty ugly results.

The key to who wins this matchup in my mind will be how well the Eagles are able to get a running game going and then they need to really ride their best targets like Zach Ertz in the passing game. They have some guys that are matchup nightmares, but they’ve been putting themselves in bad spots so they haven’t been able to exploit those matchups.

Special teams

I’ll give a slight edge to Washington and Dustin Hopkins here. Both kickers are able to get a lot of distance on their field goals and are capable of hitting them from 53+, but Hopkins is a little bit more accurate from that distance.


I want to pick the Redskins here because the Eagles have been so inconsistent this season and they have really not been playing good as of late, but I ultimately can’t pick Colt McCoy to go in and win a game in a hostile environment like Philadelphia.

Pick: Eagles


Author: Jared Woodcock

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