North Carolina Hires Mack Brown

mack brown
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It didn’t take too long into the offseason for schools that aren’t playing in bowl games to find their new football coaches. The carousel was started when North Carolina decided to bring back former Texas and North Carolina coach Mack Brown.

Brown will be in his second stint in Chapel Hill and during his first stint he went 69-46-1 and won ten games three different years, including his last two seasons and the Tar Heels finished as high as number four in the AP poll and that was in Brown’s last season before he went to Texas, which was in 1997.

Of course we all know how successful Brown was for most of his stint at Texas, success that included two National Championship Game appearances and one win, in that historic game over USC where Vince Young put on one of the greatest performances in college football history.

Mack Brown has had a lot of success in his college coaching career, but with the way that things ended in Austin, it’s fair to question if the college game has passed him up. The main problem at the end of his stint at Texas was that he couldn’t find a quarterback after Colt McCoy graduated.

Quarterback has also been a pretty big problem at North Carolina over the last couple of years since Mitchell Trubisky left for the NFL. Brown will need to hit the recruiting trail immediately and be able to find a quarterback and another big thing to me will be him finding a good offensive coordinator. The offenses at the end of his Texas stint were not good, and in today’s college football you need to have an offense.

This move seems like a risk to me just because I feel like the college game has passed Brown by, but you can’t deny that he’s had success at the college level. North Carolina definitely had to move on from Larry Fedora, it’s just interesting they went with an older coach that’s been around rather than trying to find an up and coming young coach.

The good part of this is if Brown succeeds he likely won’t be leaving like a young coach might, but I feel like he’s past his coaching prime and the main reason they decided to hire him is because he’s a big name and he’s been in Chapel Hill before.

North Carolina is a fertile recruiting ground and it’ll be important for Mack Brown to keep top in-state talent home. This move isn’t the most flashy move, but he should be able to stabilize the program and maybe one of the coordinators he brings in can be set up to become the next head coach.


Author: Jared Woodcock

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