Thanksgiving Day Preview

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As is the annual tradition in the NFL, we are given three Thanksgiving Day games to look forward to as NFL fans. This season it will feature a trio of divisional matchups in the NFC.

Bears vs Lions

The Lions surprised me last week by beating the Carolina Panthers at home. Things looked like they were really starting to go off the rails for the Lions and Matt Patricia, but maybe they showed us something. On the other sideline, Chicago will be bringing in one of the better defenses in the league, which is also playing up to their talent level right now. Going on the road and winning a Thursday game is very difficult, but with the way the Bears are playing right now on the defensive side of things I’m having a hard time imagining them giving up much of anything to the Detroit offense that can tend to be one dimensional, especially with Kerryon Johnson and Marvin Jones being out. Of course it doesn’t help the Bears that Mitchell Trubisky will be out, but I think they can get enough out of Chase Daniel to win this game with him under center.

Pick: Bears

Redskins vs Cowboys

This was setting up to be a potentially very good Thanksgiving Day game, but last week Alex Smith suffered a catastrophic leg injury, taking a lot of the steam out of this game and the Redskins’ season. Both teams are dealing with their share of injuries, but Washington is probably hurting a little bit more and the Cowboys have actually been playing better as of late and not surprisingly that coincides with them giving the ball to Ezekiel Elliott more. I don’t believe Colt McCoy can go in and win a game on the road with such a short time to prepare and with some of the other injuries that Washington is dealing with.

Pick: Cowboys

Falcons vs Saints

New Orleans is firing on all cylinders right now and with the injuries that Atlanta has on their defense and with this game being a road game for them, that’s a dangerous combo. Odds are the Saints aren’t going to keep steam-rolling NFL competition the way they have been the past few weeks, but there’s no reason to believe this won’t be a win for New Orleans. I’m not sure if New Orleans will cover the nearly two touchdown spread of this game because the Falcons still have some firepower on offense and the Saints aren’t the best defense in the NFL by any means, but it’s hard to imagine the Falcons being able to keep up with the Saints for four quarters with the way they have been moving the ball on offense.

Pick: Saints


Author: Jared Woodcock

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