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Early Games

Bengals vs Ravens

It’s an uncertain quarterback situation going into this game for the Ravens at home and the Bengals are coming off of receiving an absolute beat down at the hands of the Saints. I still believe the Bengals are a quality team and usually when quality teams in the NFL get blown out they bounce back well and I think that will be the case here as the Bengals bounce back and get a road win.

Pick: Bengals

Panthers vs Lions

As is the case for the Bengals, the Panthers are coming off of getting blown out. The Lions seem to be going off the rails and the Panthers are a much better team than they showed last Thursday in Pittsburgh, plus with their last game being a Thursday game, they have had more time to recover and prepare for this game.

Pick: Panthers

Titans vs Colts

Tennessee has been looking a lot better on offense and the Colts have just been playing much better since the start of the season, making this game a seemingly interesting game, plus it could turn out to be somewhat of an elimination game in the AFC South. I think the Tennessee offense will continue to click and they’ll be able to go on the road and get a big division win.

Pick: Titans

Cowboys vs Falcons

The winner of this game might still have an outside chance of making it to the playoffs because they’ll be back at .500 with a 5-5 record. The key in this one is the Falcons will be at home and their offense has really been clicking lately as they’ve actually been able to find Julio Jones in the redzone. The Cowboys really need to make an effort to feed Ezekiel Elliott, because their offense is clearly at a different level when he gets the rock. It’s tough to know what to expect in terms of him getting the ball and I just feel like I can count on the Falcons being at home more than I can on the Cowboys.

Pick: Falcons

Buccaneers vs Giants

Don’t overreact to the Giants going on the road and beating Nick Mullins. They still aren’t a good football team and neither are the Buccaneers. The one good thing about Tampa Bay though is that they can move the ball. They did put up over 500 yards last week against Washington but only managed three points. They should be able to move the ball again and I think they’ll get a road win.

Pick: Buccaneers

Texans vs Redskins

This game is weird in the fact that both teams are 6-3, but they don’t feel like teams that are 6-3. The Texans have of course won six games in a row since starting 0-3. Washington is really beat up right now, but them being at home will help cancel out a lot of them being beat up and playing a team that’s on a six-game winning streak. Houston will still go in and get a win here.

Pick: Texans

Steelers vs Jaguars

Pittsburgh is playing as well as anyone in the league right now and now they know for sure what the Le’Veon Bell situation is and that he won’t be coming back this season. Jacksonville is going quickly off the rails because they can’t move the ball on offense. This game could definitely get ugly and be much different than what this game was last season.

Pick: Steelers

Late Games

Broncos vs Chargers

Los Angeles is having a very good season and the Broncos are having a tough season and it’s a lot of the same for Denver, which includes them struggling on offense. Denver also struggles to stop the run and Melvin Gordon is playing at an extremely high-level right now. I do think Denver will be able to hang in this game, but the Chargers are just playing too good right now.

Pick: Chargers

Raiders vs Cardinals

Nobody should watch this game. The Cardinals aren’t good and the Raiders are probably the worst team in the league.

Pick: Cardinals

Eagles vs Saints

New Orleans has won eight games in a row and is firing on all cylinders on offense. Philadelphia has struggled coming off of their Super Bowl winning season but this is a huge chance for them to get some momentum going and try and take over a very winnable division in the NFC East. The 7.5-point spread in the favor of the Saints seems a bit high, but they are playing much better right now and this will be a home game for them, plus Ronald Darby just tore his ACL, thinning out the secondary for the Eagles and that’s a big deal going against this Saints passing game.

Pick: Saints

Sunday Night Football

Vikings vs Bears

This game has low-scoring, defensive battle written all over it. Both of these defenses are really stingy. Chicago has been playing really well on offense lately, but they haven’t been playing as good of defenses as they’ll be facing on Sunday. Home-field advantage will play a big factor in this game and I think that’ll make the difference for the Bears.

Pick: Bears


Author: Jared Woodcock

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