Week Four Preview and Predictions

ryan tannehill
Ryan Tannehill and the Dolphins have a huge chance to prove they’re for real when they got to New England. (Photo: Getty Images)

Bye teams: Panthers and Redskins. My record coming into Sunday on my picks, including the Rams win on Thursday, is 24-23-2.

Early Games

Falcons vs Bengals, CBS

Cincinnati is off to a good start and I think this will be a good measuring stick game to see where each team is at this point in the season. In my opinion, Atlanta has the better roster, and I believe that, combined with them being at home, will lead them to a win in this game.

Pick: Falcons

Eagles vs Titans, FOX

Despite this game being a home game for the Titans, I think it has the potential to get ugly. The Titans have been abysmal this season on offense, Marcus Mariota still doesn’t have full feeling in his hand, and the Eagles now have Carson Wentz back under center. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit to see Philadelphia go on the road and win by about two touchdowns.

Pick: Eagles

Dolphins vs Patriots, CBS

I don’t know what to make of either of these teams. Are the Dolphins actually really good? Is this the year where the Patriots have a drop off? I think a lot of that will be answered in this one as the Dolphins will go on the road and have a chance to gain a big lead in the division over the team that’s dominated this division for years.

Pick: Patriots

Jets vs Jaguars, FOX

I like Sam Darnold and think he will be a good NFL quarterback, but this is a tough ask for him to go on the road as a rookie and face a defense like this that has the pass rush the Jaguars do. The wild card is we never know exactly what Jacksonville offense we’re going to get, but I think they will have a much better performance after scoring only 6 points last week against Tennessee.

Pick: Jaguars

Texans vs Colts, CBS

I picked the Texans to be very good this year and I’m willing to die on that hill. I feel like Deshaun Watson will turn things around and perform better than he has so far this season and that the Texans can salvage this and make it a respectable season. Now trying to make the playoffs after starting 0-3 is a tall task, but they can definitely go in and win this game in Indianapolis.

Pick: Texans

Bills vs Packers, CBS

I’m not buying what Buffalo did last week in Minneapolis. I think this week they will come back down to earth and will lose by a solid margin to Aaron Rodgers at Lambeau Field. Now, if they find a way to win this one, I’ll have to re-calibrate what I previously thought about the Bills and Josh Allen.

Pick: Packers

Buccaneers vs Bears, FOX

Ryan Fitzpatrick regressed a little last week to what he has been his whole career, when he threw two pick-sixes. Now he did almost lead the Buccaneers to a big comeback win over Pittsburgh in the second half, but the Steelers defense isn’t that good and the Bears defense is. Now the Bears offense certainly isn’t what the Steelers are, but I think with this game being on the road, that Bears defense will be too much.

Pick: Bears

Lions vs Cowboys, FOX

Talk about a battle of painfully average teams. I really could see this game going either way, but I’m going to side with Detroit and my only real reason for that is that Dak Prescott hasn’t looked good at all this season.

Later Games

Browns vs Raiders, Fox

This is another game I could see going either way. The Browns of course won last Thursday for the first time since 2016 and they celebrated like they won the Super Bowl and who can blame them? I could easily see them having a hangover effect after that win, but the reason I won’t pick against them is because that game was on a Thursday and they have had extra time to re-compose themselves and prepare for this game.

Pick: Browns

Seahawks vs Cardinals, FOX

Seattle hasn’t looked good this year, but they’ve looked a lot better than the Cardinals have, and with it being Josh Rosen’s first start, I’m going with Seattle because they have the established, veteran quarterback.

49ers vs Chargers, CBS

If Jimmy Garoppolo were healthy I would be really excited for this matchup. While the Chargers do find creative ways to lose games a good amount of the time, I don’t see them losing to a C.J. Beathard lead 49ers team

Pick: Chargers

Saints vs Giants, CBS

New Orleans is certainly the better team here, but with the way their defense has played this year, it’s not too hard to foresee Odell Beckham doing some serious damage, unless that secondary has significantly tightened things up. I do think New Orleans will win though, because even if this game becomes a shootout, Drew Brees is much better than Eli Manning.

Pick: Saints

Sunday Night Football

Ravens vs Steelers, NBC

Pittsburgh looked more dialed in last week when they beat the Buccaneers, but they still didn’t put together a complete game. They did however, gain some momentum and now they get to go play at home against their rivals. This game should come down to the wire in my opinion because Baltimore has looked better than people thought so far this season and the Steelers have not.

Pick: Steelers





Author: Jared Woodcock

I am the founder and owner of Sports Daily Gameday Insight. I am also currently a business student at the University of Oregon


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