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saints vs falcons
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Early games

Saints vs Falcons, FOX

This is a critical early season NFC South matchup. One thing that could be a huge determining factor in this game is health. The Falcons are pretty banged up right now, while the Saints have been able to stay pretty healthy through the first two weeks of the season. This game being in Atlanta though will make it tougher for New Orleans, and we have yet to see the Saints put together a good game on both sides of the ball in the same game. This game should come down to the wire.

Pick: Saints

Packers vs Redskins, FOX

I thought the Packers would lose last week against the Vikings and even though they obviously tied, I still really loved what I saw, because they should’ve won. I really do think this is an improved Green Bay roster around Aaron Rodgers, even though it’s not elite. This game won’t be easy though. The Redskins are a capable team.

Pick: Packers

Colts vs Eagles, FOX

This game might be closer than expected for two reasons. Andrew Luck definitely looks healthy, and Carson Wentz hasn’t started a game since his knee injury last season. I’m expecting Wentz to still play good because he’s a really good quarterback, but the odds that he’s at his best in his first start are pretty slim. I’m still going to pick the Eagles because they’re playing this one at home, but I definitely see it being closer than a lot of people might think.

Pick: Eagles

Bills vs Vikings, CBS

This one could get ugly. The Vikings are at home with a great home-field advantage and they have a great defense going against Josh Allen, who will be making his first career road start. This should be as close to a lock as any NFL game ever is.

Pick: Vikings

Raiders vs Dolphins, CBS

Miami is 2-0 and I don’t really know what to think about it. They haven’t played the most difficult two games to open the season, but winning a single game in the NFL is tough, and Ryan Tannehill looks good so far this season. I’m not sure how sustainable the way they’re playing right now is, but this is a game they probably should win at home and with the way the Raiders have struggled offensively this season. I could easily see the Raiders winning though. This game will likely come down to the last few minutes.

Pick: Dolphins

Broncos vs Ravens, CBS

The Ravens are actually fairly large favorites in this game according to NFL standards. I’m not sure why that is because I think these two teams are actually pretty even and I think the Broncos might actually be a better team. What will make this game difficult for Denver is they’re playing on the road. This should be another close game in my mind.

Pick: Broncos

Bengals vs Panthers, CBS

The Bengals are very similar to the Dolphins in my eyes, in that they are off to a 2-0 start, but I’m not sure how sustainable it is. This is another game they could win, but going on the road to Carolina will be difficult. I could see this game going either way, but I think playing at home will be the difference for Carolina.

Pick: Panthers

Giants vs Texans, FOX

The Texans can’t be as bad as they’ve looked so far can they? I wouldn’t think so and if there’s a team to play to get things going on the right track, playing the Giants could do that. They can’t protect anyone on the offensive line and that means there should be less pressure on Deshaun Watson and the Texans to score, which might be a way to get Watson on track.

Pick: Texans

Titans vs Jaguars, CBS

The Jaguars proved that what they did last season was legit as they beat up the Patriots last week. I just can’t see the Titans going on the road and putting up many points against hat Jacksonville defense without Marcus Mariota playing or with a banged up Marcus Mariota. This should be one of the easier picks of the week.

Pick: Jaguars

49ers vs Chiefs, FOX

I’m not saying I don’t think Patrick Mahomes is the real deal, because I think he is, but I think people are getting too carried away on the Chiefs. Remember, they did start 5-0 last season and this season they don’t have a very good defense. I’m predicting an upset in this one as the 49ers go on the road and win this one because they’re able to slow down that Chiefs offense just enough and then they can feast on the Chiefs defense.

Pick: 49ers

Late games

Chargers vs Rams, CBS

The battle for L.A. has the potential to be a really interesting game. The Rams have looked pretty dominant so far this season and I still have a pretty high opinion of the Chargers. I ultimately think the Rams are better and will win this game, but this could easily be one of the more entertaining games of the weekend.

Pick: Rams

Cowboys vs Seahawks, FOX

I really don’t know what to expect from this game. I don’t think either team is really that good, but I also don’t think either team is terrible. With the game being in Seattle that should make things tougher for the Cowboys to go in and win with what has been a pretty limited offense to this point. While I could easily see Seattle winning, I’m going to say that DeMarcus Lawrence is going to eat the Seattle offensive line alive, much like Von Miller and Khalil Mack have in the first two weeks.

Pick: Cowboys

Bears vs Cardinals, FOX

It will help that the Cardinals are playing at home, but they were shutout last week by the Rams, and I’m not sure they will do much better against what is a very strong Bears defense. The Bears offense hasn’t put together a complete game yet this season though and that should help Arizona out, but they should still be able to score enough to win this game fairly comfortably.

Pick: Bears

Sunday Night Football

Patriots vs Lions, NBC

This one could get ugly. Bill Belichick does really well against his former assistants and with the Patriots seemingly being better by a good margin, I just don’t see the Lions keeping this game very close, despite being at home.

Pick: Patriots


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